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The women's side of things brubaker. Where where where is she going to be in three or four months as a character. I hope that it's not in kind of the area that we saw her with her. Little celebration like i think that that's i don't want to see her. Get too cute with some of the stuff in terms of what you know what she does. I know that helped. That helped get her over but what got her over. Most was just kind of her bad s personality the match with thunder rosa. Like it's still like the nuts and bolts of what makes good good wrestling like those are the things they got her over most and so i know she can do funny vignettes. She's got that no ability. But i hope that she leans on just being a bad ass wrestler champion and i would put he'll opponents in front of her face In front of her that bring that out her in the best way. I think she did. I think you know you can go back to Thunder rosa for a really probably really really good few. I think there's a great story to tell to tell their but for me like her character is if it just becomes this one quirky kind of comedy thing. And she's the champion while doing it. I i think you leave money on the table. If you're eighty w i think you can have that and have that piece of what she does but i want to see them. Lean on that. She's a champion wrestler and then when a baby face beats are it's going to mean something big for for that for that baby face. I i was going into the double or nothing match. It was really. I was fascinated to see. Just how the audience would react any reacted positively and so. Yeah and it's like man like when you have that like that. Just kind of internal charisma that he does like with with the with that crowd. It's like sometimes. I feel like you just wanna. You should probably go with it. Even if it's not necessarily like where you plan on going. I i wonder if they kind of slowed her momentum by making sure that that she's stays in the he'll lane but at the same time. I can sympathize with that making that choice because being a heel is what got her over the hump to become the star that they that they want her to be so. I get kind of the debate there. But i probably would have pivoted just because that crowd reaction was so strong either way healer baby face i think as a character. You need her to be focused on. Just being you know being arrested or cut the promo be good in the ring. No some quirkiness here eric. That's in her personality. But i i would stay away from the grandiose segments like they did a couple of weeks ago. I thought that really hurt her. Yeah yeah it was. It was just kind of lowbrow. And i should their camp and i know she wants to be a little campy. I thought that made her not a serious champion. And i think you draw money by being serious issue with kenny omega too. I mean you just. It's tempting it's fun to be cute and amuse people but that's not where the money is. If you're a top act you wanna be amid carter then amuse us and be campy you know. Do what gargano doing. I mean you know you can have fun but if you wanna talk guy and tony kahn. If he picks them to be a top person should be framed in a way where you take them seriously and that that was not a title celebration where you are thinking. This is a top level wrestler with a top level title in a top level. Few that you pay money to see. It's part of the collective amusement part of the brand and you need to have your top people be serious not dumb. You can't have be quirky but you can't be that just sort of campy slapstick. Yeah and especially the timing of it. You know it's like you look at. I mean that was a long time in the making like crowning brubaker. As your women's champion she definitely had her ups and downs to to get there. And i think that what she viewed as a character at that time and china still does even is. Is that that definitive moment. That promo to to talk about that like it's like you know. When steve austin won the title wrestlemainia fourteen. He didn't come out there with a funny beer-drinking skit that that made everybody laugh. He came in there. Confronted vince mcmahon and cut a promo on what his championship reign is going to be like. And you know you're off the racist from there and i'm not comparing baker to to stone cold. Steve austin obviously but just the setup though you know you need to have that proper next step that defines where you're gonna go next and you know instead they just landed on camp and i think that again that hurt her. I'm staying on the women's side of things but jump into another company. What's your take on co gonzalez so far in exte- as their new centerpiece champion. I like her. I like her. I think she's i think she plays the part well. I don't think she's doing too much either. I think she's just staying in her lane and doing her thing. And i think for now that that works out fine. She's able to deliver on what she's asked to do In the ring. I think again like with her. You want to see her able to kind of put butts in seats and talk a little more. But her less so than brubaker. Doesn't really need to because it's not like the central focus of her of her gimmick and offer character. She's just she's a killer monster in the rain and i she plays that part part. Well i say the same thing about her. That i do on the men's side of things is that you're an xt and you've kind of present this. Hey we got the best women's division in the world but you know who's the next contender for raquel gonzalez like debts. Not clear right. Now you can go to io shirai at do rematch. That i think that makes sense but as a company you know if you have the greatest women's roster in the world. I don't think you should be looking around or in going right. Well who's next for raquel gonzalez like that person should be should be ready. So whether it's i mean whoever it's mood moody. Or what have you there. Tony storm or dakota chi or whoever. It is andy hartwell like you gotta have that person primed up and ready to go and right now you got a strong champion rotella gonzales. But i don't think she has a strong opponent and for as good as she's been in her role i think she'd needs a strong opponent to play off of like they'll yoshua ri- that was great. Had really good chemistry in their two styles complement each other nicely. I'm cynthia with number moon in a lot of ways but do you go now and if you're an team you have this great women's division. You shouldn't have that problem. Yeah no i agree. Need an extra dose of positivity in your wrestling podcast will come join me on l..

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