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This episode of the outside podcast is brought to you by the all new Jeep Wrangler giving you the freedom to pursue adventures like former pro surfer, John rouse anybody who's a professional athlete. There's an arc, there's a shelf life for me. I was a pro surfer. I was never the best, but I carved my own niche out and I did it for thirteen years. Who was everything to me in two thousand nine, John went to Indonesia on a surf trip right when it got hit by a magnitude, seven point, six earthquake, and I became sort of a first responder by accident one month later. Was Haiti the big catastrophic earthquake in January two thousand ten. I thought I was gone for two weeks. I stayed for two years, but that was the inception of waves to water. Wastewater is an aid organization that helps provide clean water in more than forty countries. We have one sole purpose provide access to clean drinking water for developing communities, not just developing communities, but recovering commute. Two for the last eight years. Whenever a disaster strikes that threatens drinking water, like an earthquakes NAMI hurricane John team show up with suitcases full of water filters in the first three weeks after hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, he said up thirty six hundred filtration stations and got clean water to a hundred thousand people thinking about that trajectory was is so fast. And I mean, I bought ten filters. My own money went to Indonesia and three months. Later in Haiti, somebody offered me forty thousand dollars to do as much as I could with that. I was not going to be my job. It was going to be a pet project and then it blossomed these days with the team in place running waves for water. John is looking for the next challenge. The next adventure and Jeep is helping him get there, find out more a Jeep dot com. Slash Wrangler. From outside magazine NPR. These are dispatches stories from writers in the field. I can remember exactly where I was when I heard that militia members had taken over malheur national wildlife refuge in Oregon where I live. I was in New York for wedding, and I was going to be home anytime soon. And so I kind of watch what happened and skim the news. But this was the work of the Bundy family. And I had read about their standoff with the federal government in two thousand fourteen in Nevada. And so I had the sense of here we go again, I know this story. Well, for the last few months of doing some editing and production work on a podcast series about the Bundy family for long reads dot com, and it's staggering how deeply I did not know that story and what it would become no one did not even the bundy's. Really, the story of the bundy's is a major chapter in the evolution of the American west because they took on the federal government in one twice and the consequences of those victories have led us to the present moment. Right now, the Trump administration is testing. The antiquities act Trinite shrink, national monuments created by President Obama, something no administration has ever done before. In fact, there's almost an anti public land's movement gaining momentum in the administration right now, and that's going to affect everyone who uses the back country. But in order to understand what's going on and how we got here, you have to understand the bundy's who they are, where they came from, what they're doing to the American west. For the last two years reporter Leah's Attila has been trying to figure that out. She wrote a four part print series for long rates, and then my co producer Robbie cover, and I've been helping long reads in Oregon public broadcasting, create a seven part podcast series called Bundy Ville, which launches today all seven episodes. If you like, this show you're gonna like Bundy Ville. So we're gonna play the first episode in the series here you can find the rest by searching Bundy Ville and your podcast app. Here's Leah. By his own account, Nevada, rancher cliven Bundy never wanted to start a war with the federal government. He says that if they just left them alone out here in the desert, none of this would've ever started. And if you want to see him as the folksy hero of a modern day western, you can choose to see him that way. Here's a good starting point. It's a random YouTube video, and it shows a blonde haired little boy toddler. He's wearing dusty, red polo shirt, blue jeans. He lays stunned in the dirt, having just been knocked down niece considering whether or not he wants to cry. Oh, makes broke. Boys shakes off his cowboy hat wearing grandpa, putters away. Zola 'bout raising Cowboys. He's tough. See out w is run over by harshness out there going already nothing to it. He says the toddler looks back at his grandpa. He points to the west and the camera follows patch of bright green grass comes into view against the Nevada desert. It's the color of life. It stands out in place, but everything else looks dead. This Orlando slams a free land. This land is a place that we can enjoy and use. That's cliven Bundy as he'd like to be seen the peaceful former home studying on his hundred sixty acre ranch near bunkerville, Nevada, raising fourteen kids to help him out on the farm. But in two thousand fourteen just a few weeks after this video was shot on the same piece of land cliven Bundy and his sons were anything, but peaceful tensions reached the boiling point earlier this week. They'd raised a militia that was pointing guns at federal agents, what the bundy's called. They destroy Anacle government. Will they have gone. We need guns to protect ourselves from tyrannical government. Here's cliven onstage in bunkerville whipping the crowd into a frenzy demanding that the local sheriff bulldoze the buildings at a nearby national park so that the surrounding community might have free reign of the land. Aaquil moat you. He says, you get the county equipment out there tear those things down this morning. The sheriff just stands quietly on stage. He's guys thumbs hitched in his belt mob heckles him.

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