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Seasonticket is sponsored by ziprecruiter looking for your next great higher ziprecruiter offers simple tools and powerful matching technology to help you find qualified candidates fast it's the smartest way to hire try it for freeziprecruitercomticket that's ziprecruitercomticket well everybody and welcome this season ticket i'm your host chris gaspar it's friday december first we have a great show clear today and a very special gas we are joined by boston celtics coowner coa managing partner with grouse bet thanks for joining us here on seasonticket chris glad to be here yeah great to have you here in it's a great time to talk celtics guys get another win last night against the philadelphia seventy six years 10 aid to 97 a td garden you're now nineteen and four on the year that's the best record in the nba i have to say wake i did not see this coming after gordon hayward went down just five minutes and forty five seconds into the opener and cleveland did you see this record coming in that sixteen game winning streak that fueled it no way i hope that with our team that we thought we had together we could be a team that surprised everybody seven away just in terms of going on streaks ambient super good i thought we had the makings of a really good team but them seeing gordon go down so horrifically i've got a i was just thinking we'd be scrapping to be um just scrapping we'd be scrapping and trying to build and see if we could survive the year um and if they are off to a much better start than i thought what were your emotions when according to go out this horrifying a you know for him really in it it's it's certainly a politically correct or whatever up marketing spin move it probably sounds like say really you just think about him but knowing him as i have just barely started to get to know him at the time but new he's a great guy and his wife and young family interest i really did think of them they made a huge move to come to us in an here he is in pieces on the court it was just heartbreaking for him in robin and then uh then you start to think of boy it's bad for us to have yet obviously very disappointing for gordon.

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