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Searching for a suspect or suspects. I'm Jay Metzler. Fox news. The big question this hour in Baltimore walked up and opened fire on innocent people at this intersection. Police Commissioner Michael Harrison says people had gathered for neighborhood barbecues on both sides of the street at least seven people were shot. Baltimore's acting mayor Jack young folk at the hospital and the one person is deceased ramp behind the church laughs there. So it wasn't anything dealing with the church. So I want to make that very clear, what isn't clear whether more people were shot and fled the scene. Whether a second gunman was involved. The condition of those hospitalized victims has not been released saying member of his congregation took a bullet for all of us his arm in a sling and exhausted. Looking rabbi Israel Goldstein, remembering sixty year old Laurie K gunned down in his synagogue. North of San Diego during Passover services yesterday, allegedly by nineteen year old white supremacist. What happens? The rabbi who started the hubbub of Powell a synagogue in the sandiego suburb more than three decades ago recalled locking is with that gunman are turnaround. And I see a site that I. Undescribable here is a young man standing with the rifle. Pointing right at me. And I look at him. He had sunglasses on. I couldn't see his is his soul. John Ernest of San Diego now facing murder and hate crime charges hospitalized this hour in Virginia five men rescued from a cave in the southwest part.

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