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I understand that in for some with some practices and behaviors that is very good, obviously, murder and excetera. But then when you start to apply to everything it's like, it's just not how life is like freedom is there is a certain amount of risk that comes along with freedom. There's a certain when you live in a free society you have to take situations into account individually, and you can't make these blanket things that apply to everything all the time. Yeah. In other words, if Cameron Diaz thought it was funny that he pulled his deck out. And he knew that she would think it was funny and they had a chuckle then that's between Cameron Diaz and. Yeah. That's not. But that's not for anybody else to comment on. It's not it's not the same thing, as as you know, a guy whipping is dick out and person being offended. She's not the same fucking thing. Agreed. But but any in any in any case people what I'm trying to say is Donald Trump is trying to make this country. Great again. Anyway, it's a complicated time we live in. And Joe did you watch the golden glow pet? I didn't. Did you know that the theme this year was changed that chain? And it was about I kept writing Joe like the Globes. This year are all about change because they said it a million times. And I was mad that I got no laugh on my joke that I texted you. You texted me that. And I wrote the first thing I'd like to change is these hosts they folks that's why I thought you were watching. No, no. But I gotta laugh I just had nothing. I never I never feel the need to write back. But yes sambergen oh together at last. They came out they away where the fuck did these two compact, for instance, seen these two in anything in years. They did ten Joe Klis are laflin minutes. The audience was uncomfortable sambergen is doing they're like we're going to really roast the audience, Ricky Gervais style. And they they went to ten different people in your beautiful your funny like a positive roast. You're like, okay, fine. Got it. Then Sam Burke does an extremely political joke about how the police and the government killed Black Panthers back in the day. And they cut to the director of Black Panther. Who's looking like Booker? You do. Like, it was so all over the place. We're going to be the goofy fun cute hosts. But then we're going to do a really rough jokes. Like, it was it was a mess. The show was a mess. They here's how stupid the fucking golden Golden Globes voted on by like sixty people. Yeah. Many of them who are not even from our country, the golden like it's. It's an insane. Not the people, you know, you know, what I mean, not the people not from our country shouldn't be allowed to vote. But it's like what why are we why are we watching this like it's something important when it's sixty Rando from across the globe, picking what they think. So this year the winner for best comedy or musical was green book, which is a drama about civil rights. The winner for best drama was bohemian rhapsody, which is unquestionably a musical. I wouldn't say bohemian rhapsody musical. I would've put it in drama. I mean, it's not a comedy by any start to finish musical. How does it a musical? Because it's wall to wall music from the musical means, they the actioning them. Not not in the context of the Golden Globes. Book is a comedy fair enough fair enough. They will put things now in whatever category. They think it has the best chance of winning you grow in down. You're like, wait a minute. But that movie's a drama that everything they had was in the wrong category. These wars shows are so fucking stupid. Let me take you over to paths movie corner where I'll talk about bohemian rhapsody. Joe loved it. America loved it. Critics are all talking shit about it say plays like a spoof of pics, blah, blah, blah, the movie rhapsody is unbelievably entertaining from start to finish. The only drawback. I had was I was like what if you were actually friends with?.

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