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Radio. I never have special guest in studio, but I will have one in studio here in Atlanta coming up. In just about twenty minutes, or so, and I know you know, and love him jonky Keiichi on CBS sports radio the day in the NFL. Now has some compelling matchups that I believe are what I would call put up or shut up games and video loves to a pine on things NFL from the sporting news. And he joins us here on the show. Hey, vinny. A look at late October is the time when if teams want me to actually believe in them, they better be dialing up. Some big wins in some big spots. Is that sort of the line where you start to look at it the mid season. Yeah. I think it becomes the grind of the weather starts to change. You have teams slowly figuring out their identity or lack thereof in the after show up in these games or make it a lot harder than of course. You have the London games with throw registered everything we've been on a steady run of them right now. Otherwise this week early, and it's gonna be a fun. Couple of months to the season. Am I missing the ball on the titans because I watched the titans play the eagles? And I was thinking man that team's got things figured out. And then they sort of, you know, leak oil. And now the chargers at four and two to me every time I want to believe in the chargers, they do something to pull my pants down and make me look stupid. So I refuse to do it. What do you see coming out of the early morning game on CBS in London? While the chargers are starting to look pretty good here. I know it's hard to believe because the pass, but they're going to get better in the future with Joey Bosa coming back here after this week probably this by coming up. So it's gonna be a team that continues to trend upward. You look at their offense. Slowly gets it going week after week concern now is the Melvin Gordon that hamstring popped up here late a week but rivers has been playing lights out week weekend or week out here for this team. So their offense has a lot of firepower their defense disorder played better. You look at one Corey Legia returns. There was a big impact there up front, and they'll be one with both is there as well. So this team can slowly put it all together. As far as the titans. They played some scrappy defense, they're tough. But that's about it. That's all they do Mike Gabel? They've tried to become too much of a gritty team not much gloss there with their offense being very little. And they forgot to run the ball. If you're going to be greedy team. He's got to run the ball. That's what's happening in the Tennessee. Anymore? I think as an eagles fan, and I will speak is a fan here. Try not to be the analyst. I'll let you do that. I don't wanna hear anymore. Talk out of the eagles about yet. We've got things figured out that giant's game shows were back together show me against the Panthers show me to gauge into much more legitimate opponent. Because I still think the eagles appear a step out of sorts. They've set the bar so high from last year when he looked at the games last year. There were scored a lot of points shutting it down blowouts weekend. And we got there were just a dominant team. It's been a grind even though last year. They were able to overcome injuries. Amazing rate this year. There were a little bit tougher with Carson Wentz. And Malcolm Jeffrey out there secondary is still not very good. And now has a lot of injuries as well. So I think this is not gonna be dumber team. When I looked at it overall. I thought it'd be around here where they would take advantage of playing in the week NFC east. But maybe before that overall pecking order, the NFC among those established powers when I say that the Rams biking's who are starting to figure it out in the saints Rams and say, it's a pretty much the best teams, Wisconsin. So they're right. Where I thought there'd be right in that fourth spot among those contenders reported replacement divisions. They do sort of writer what happens here they're going to get in. But are they gonna limp in or are they going to have a shot to repeat that's yet to be determined? That's where we wanna see you're actually more confident of them in the NFC than I am and the Redskins. The Cowboys is gonna go a big distance today in determining who is who are the top. Contenders in the NFC east. What do you see Washington having cooked up today for Dallas? The Washington is it extremely hard team to figure out. They look great against Green Bay. Didn't look very good against him. Eat apples looked really bad against New Orleans. They hit back and played Carolina. Well, so home road run pass. I don't know what I'm going to get from the Redskins on a week basis. So when you look at this a lot of injuries here, they'll call Richardson. No, James Crowder. You look at the Cowboys getting Sean Lee back in their defense. So I think when you look defensively I think overall the Cowboys are the best defense in this division. Because of what they have the secondary loaded pass rush getting leads back there with the jail expense. So they've just got playmakers and every level. So the Cowboys are bigger threat to the eagles. It's really about Kimmy figure out their offense. And I think some of the signs are there that they said that Prescott run past doer. We need your the key here atop of Ezekiel that. So that's what I think is going to continue here. I easily can trust douse more than Washington to give the Philadelphia something. That's what about what about saints ravens. That's another great late game to be able to determine who's for real saints have been on a terrorist since that opening loss. What about the Raymond's because they've been another Radic team. Yeah. This is a team were I think maybe we're inflating defensively talking about how dominant they are. But they're coming up knocking off the titans, and I get it. That eleven sacks in that game. Look great. They've dominated some other lesser teams like the bills as well early in the season Broncos at home there. But in terms of playing like really good offenses. You saw them struggle quite a bit Cincinnati was a good game against Pittsburgh. But you Orleans, I think is a very good litmus test because they are balancing and do a lot of things you got an offensive line. That comes with extremely banged up for the ravens. So what's the ravens needed to at some point? They can't put it on. Joe flacco this way, heavy passing PM they need to figure out how to run the football. 'cause it doesn't mess with their defense. Throw that much. Put them in a bad spot to be on the field a lot. So I still need to see more about the defense that to see the consistency there against the better high powered offense teams and the saints are pretty good challenge for that. If the bears beat the patriots today's Chicago's gonna lose their mind, cause they're really going to start to believe that they are legitimate. What do you think about that matchup? Matchup is gonna be tough. There's a break there with rob gronkowski not playing. That's one less thing to worry about in the middle of the field. But the otherwise the bear secondary comes banged up this game. Josh Gordon's, really that'll mid those are going to be the real concerns here because. Grew up playing one hundred percent. Maybe Tom Brady sits back their cars up the middle of the field with the men and maybe takes shot to Josh Gordon as well. So they do legitimately have a chance they're going to have to get it done on the other side. And you have like a lot of the match ups there as well. Look at it to Rico in trade Burton Taylor. Gabriel speed type guys basically the chiefs had success with in the similar offense against the patriots. Last week. They're going to have the same type of success this week. So the key is going to be outscoring the patriots. But it can be done. And if they do that, you're right. Everything's going through the roof. They're never going to be excited about what they can do this NFC Vinnie. Great stuff this one. I can't believe we got through that many games. Thank you so much for your time. Check out Vinnie iron, the sporting news. You will be very very pleased with the content. Thanks many. Thank you. Join us here on the John cage show on CBS sports radio. That was a quick spin around try to get some as many games, they can let people hear about the the one that I would have gone to if we had a little bit more time as Bengals chiefs chiefs stance to think you're being ignored because Felipe me you've done enough to be your only loss being tough one last week thoughts borough. It is so much fun watching Patrick Mahomes. Play eighteen touchdowns already in six games kids. Absurd. Absolutely certain. When Andy Reid was getting critiqued. For moving up in the draft to get Patrick Mahomes. I withheld judgement because I heard from some people that liked him that I respected their opinion. But I gotta tell you shook my head. I wondered whether Andy was reaching a little bit. Well, looks like he reached for the top shelf got himself some good snacks there. That's where you keep the good stuff. Hide it from the kids. Well, Patrick, Mahomes is most definitely the good stuff. Justin shackle joins us. Hey, justin. What's up? I try to figure that out. I'm still trying to figure out the little brother syndrome going on with the Yankees and the Mets. But I guess I I guess I'm never going to figure that out what one more thing for you here as we look towards the World Series. Entire pitching staffs. Who you got Red Sox? Really? Yeah. I thought you were going. I thought you were going to go dive computers. Are you overvaluing? What you've seen the Red Sox pen during the postseason. No this thing. It's kind of like the opposite that the the Red Sox see outscore this is where I give him credit. He is not afraid to do. I feel like what a lot of the other managers. This postseason haven't done you. He's not afraid to use a guy like Rick Porcelli. Oh. In any spot period? Just basically when when the first fire pops up, bam. Barry comes unless he's you know, maybe starting the next day. But even so he's not afraid to go against what is become the grain in in two thousand eighteen with with how you're managing pitching staffs. And then. Nathan a volley until he stops doing what he's done in October. I kind of have to believe it Chris sale. Actually. It's funny. The ironic thing is Chris sale is probably the guy that makes you question things at the moment with the Red Sox at of all of them, right? One questioning grown band with a belly button. Ring. I've got to be honest with you. That's why I'm questioning I'm like seriously dude, a belly button ring, which with the bellybutton ring. What does he dancing on a pole somewhere for tips? I mean, let's be honest. Anthony, do not have the belly button ringing. I'm actually shocker belly.

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