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What about the salah alabama senate see this is all a proxy for donald trump if we can get why more on these decades old allegations about bad things with women that we can we can bring it all the way up to donald trump if we can get them to crack on roy morgan get them to crack on donald trump but hoops we can't have any credibility on those issues if we don't get rid of john conyers if we don't get rid of bob menendez if we don't get rid of al franken they've already had to deal with anthony wiener a and the myriad other of politicians who have been accused of improprieties with women now there is a trade that's going on so john conyers nancy pelosi initially stood up for the guy said he should resign and then eventually she caved in said okay get rid of them why because he's politically useless now he's about one hundred fifty years old he's in a totally safe democrat seat he's endorsed his son to take over the seat his son by the way we've just learned has wrapped about how his dad as a womanizer and he is a player in all this and that and i was mother went to prison so they know it's a safe seat the kid might actually win it who knows el franken is another one we have a governor of minnesota who is a democrat his name is mark dayton so if if franken resigns they'll be able to appoint another a democrat senator nothing ventured nothing gained rhino arm no foul it's okay there are senate numbers are still doing just fine bob menendez is where the rubber meets the road and it's how you know that these guys are totally full of it because they're willing to throw people who were useless to them under the bus began with donna brazile who through hillary clinton the house of clinton under the bus they through now frank in and before that john conyers but bob menendez can't go now what is bob menendez accused up if you listen to the mainstream media teledesic used of nothing there are these old discredited allegations that in the dominican republic he had a few dances dalliances with dances of few dalliances with underaged prostitutes but it's totally discredited it was run on one of those fake news right wing rub websites.

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