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In Framingham he's floating the idea at city hall of Stephen Robinson loves the idea he worked at that plant for a quarter century and I think it's a great idea to keep you know people remember so people would know about what that assembly plant was over more than forty years there were more than four million cars built it there's GM plant which closed in nineteen eighty nine in there might still be a museum here to commemorate that fact from Framingham Carl Stevens WBZ Boston's news radio here's an odd one for the road a goose is freed after getting stock in a pizza driver's car grill it happened to a driver in Burlington Vermont the driver says he hit the goes after trying to slam on his brakes he quickly got out and was shocked to see the ghost docked to the car alive the fire department arrived to help free the goose and it was taken all wildlife rehab who says it has some injuries but will be okay a lot of money behind a new effort to study social media and the impact on election battling for the right foundation which specializes in journalism the arts and healthy communities is pledging nearly fifty million dollars to study how social media and technology impacts democracy grants to eleven universities and research institutions are partially in response to the twenty sixteen election manipulation of Twitter and Facebook the grants include projects on the spread of disinformation and how news runs can address polarization in society Pam Coulter CBS news Detroit officially designates part of the large highway one popular stretch of road in honor of the late queen of soul corresponded Charlie Lankton reports people in the motor city are ready to ride the Aretha L. Franklin memorial highway representative Leslie club of Detroit sponsor of the bill can do the same on the highway and the sign should be up pretty soon Charlie line for CBS news.

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