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Roots here than we could have local transmission here too that's why we're being really aggressive about finding these mosquitoes and a radicati them davis's adc gyp dimas in the eighties egypt i mosquito is more aggressive than other species and has been known to bite in the daytime davis's people can help keep the mosquitoes away by getting rid of any standing water on their property a state panel appointed by california's governor is granted threepercent pay raises the governor brown state lawmakers another elected officials brown would become the highest paid governor in the country with a salary north of one hundred ninety five thousand here even without the race state lawmakers already had the highest base salary in the country the races come two months after lawmakers voted to raise the gas tax and vehicle registration fees by over five billion a year the the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff says the us and russia are in delicate discussions to ease tensions caused by the us shooting down a syrian fighter jet russia called the incident sunday a violation of a usrussian understanding on avoiding air incidents marine general joseph dunford says his syrian jet had dropped bombs close the us backed syrian democratic forces fighting isis we made every effort the wh warne those individuals not to come any closer in and a commander uh made a judgment that there was a threat to the forces that were supporting russia's defence ministry says military aircraft flown by the us led coalition of us here in governmentcontrolled areas west of the afraid is river will detract as potential targets a family of an american college dude died at days after being released from north korea in a coma says the 22yearold has completed his journey home relatives say auto warm beer died yesterday oh man comedian debt bill dana has died he became famous in the fifties and sixties with his character was a he men as early in his career he wrote jokes for donna adams in seat alan in was ahead writer and alan shown also performed in comedy scetches he first at the human as character on the show nineteen fifty nine the latino community embraced it but dana retired the character ninety seventy amid criticisms of stereotyping dana died.

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