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Roj the attempted short that went straight to tammy abraham who finished very neatly. So it's nice to see him get a test. That's that's an underrated stat. In the premier league chelsea twenty twenty one the season of chacin street vendors on the way to glory. I mean. I'm more worried about hats than i am about team verner. Honestly i'm not that worried about chi- habits but right now we don't seem to a found the clinical germans if you could if you imagine a nationality based on a stereotype that would come straight in and be a clinical. It would be the job raj and they certainly haven't been so far. I think that confused because they don't know whether to call. Leonard and frank lampard really adjusted. Pour moi say. David moyes without win. On any of the sixteen league visits to stamford bridge chelsea a clean sheet first win in seven attempts fellow. Big boy top off side and the first time. Frank lampard has ever beaten west ham. That team the broiler through as a youth as a youth and burned him in the protests by briefing charges of nepotism against him as he broke into the side in his early twenties under his uncle airy redknapp. Some happy for frank turf of games arsenal man city aston villa. Now wait this first. One is a manager against west ham broach. He's only played in three times as a manager southampton nil manchester city one city hold saffir simpson at arm's length. After an early combination as old as time itself razz google katy b assist a pragmatic performance from pep side. In this one as they keep their fourth clean she is games city defense starting to solidify roach their eight one point behind seventh-place southampton they do have a game in hand hard-fought victory ground down in an unusual way for pat with grit and organizational discipline case barua confidence southampton new press the moved and buccaneer a has an urgent style rotary impressive in the battle to control at midfield and was through the core that katy charged to break the southampton press the sixteenth minute and filling that trae pullback fund bernardo silver for the finish which was like a blast of city pass but a rare blast because this was victory built on defense the s and a play. You might have heard of johnstone's who's doing a second or third comanche. Bloody good thirteen that. Been brittle the back david. While no one was watching they've conceded the fewest goals kept the most clean sheets in the premier league. But in attack with gregg and usurper nordic torres scuffing chances at the whistle they would just flinging the ball around led the western michigan broncos kick return team unable to similar to oh city becoming defensive style fit they. This is a different city this season but they seem well prepared to plan the battle royale game in hand. If they win that game in hand they would be sitting up in third. I think we're gonna learn a lot about this team over the holiday period. They're playing some property teams. I think they're playing everton playing chelsea. They've they've they're going to be interesting match shops and i think we're going to learn a lot more about them. Their third away win this season heavy weather southampton we'll feel hard done leaving this game with nothing and even worse because the exceptional oriole. Romeo is now suspended fee yellow card accumulation. Danny ings talk for the hamstring. Twinge we should say southampton have been magnificent one of the joys of the first part the season. That's the big picture. Save every single. Second saints fans as mr plutocratic tweeted to me. Save every single second before liverpool comes in for vestergaard the saints fans lament burnley to wolves one burn and get back to bashing with emphatic. Close-range finishes in the six-yard box. From both ashley. Bonds and chris would primarily canseco and mcgwire the claris of clawed their way out of the relegation zone now sitting sixteenth wolves failed to capitalize on the momentum from that chelsea win with spurs awaiting at the weekend. Yeah we'll spluttering bluntly after losing raul jimenez they have lost of their last seven next up for them. Inside the spurs burnley reversed resurrected. They don't exactly school puskas contending goals but my lord they were robust and this one two wins in the last straight out patients for christmas newcastle. One fulham won the cottages scooped. Third straight draws scott parker's lot so could first half lead when tyson aberra bio best tocine. Since jank his head amounts in the hitting matt riches perpetually dr face newcastle level to a harsh vardhan double-whammy which handed a penalty to the magpies. A second yellow to anderson. Fulham are an eighteenth place. Newcastle and twelfth god newcastle team inventing new ways to disappoint even when not losing. They cannot find joy turgid. Football couldn't take advantage of full being reduced to ten in this mustering. Half-hearted handful of shots in the half hour of advantage they had is miserable fair on tyneside. Joy is alan say. Maximum has been waylaid by covert only. Callum wilson quietly accumulating eight goals while no one has been watching and they dodgy newcastle a barely deserve point. Those a goals could be the difference between championship and premier league football next season. I'm not sure to be on this. Many newcastle fans would know the difference of quality. Wise right now yeah brighton. One sheffield united one. Paul chris walker wrote despite going down to ten men. The struck first through debutante jaden bogle in the sixty third minute after weathering the storm through the majority of the second half i late well-taken strike from that guy. Welds denied sheffield united. Their first three points of the season they remained pinned rock bottom with only two points new ways of self harming agony for the blades. My god i feel for them. Within seconds of a first win of the season themselves into the lead despite being down to ten only have danny will come off the bench equalized they have now just two points to from fourteen kremlin games. He'd lowest total blade english top flight side at this stage of a campaign yet. Nine of those twelve losses been by just one goal is heartbreaking. Especially because now everyone's rumbled their overlapping centreback malarkey account. Believe what they're funded experienced five points off. Europa league qualification law season was last year the freak was this season the freak poor chris world who knows and to ribbon in david even the new york jets one this week mazing victory over the rams so yeah and i think they were actually sheffield united fans would have been pretty happy at the entered escape with a point. Brighton moped had an amazing chance to school. The winning golden last few moments of this one yet. It's just not happening for them Right now but this is another team that you do feel They could awaken at some point. Hopefully you know not against your everton roads but you do feel that they could awaken at some point. I hope west brom nil aston villa three aston villa walkway winds of the west midlands. Darby thanks to a dutch double from anwar al ghazi and clever finished by bertrand traori. His first in the premier league since march two thousand and sixteen when he was playing for chelsea villa dominated the match. The whole frat house roach. After jake livermore was sent off for a dangerous challenge on jack sri war. You don't do that to jack. English leaving big sam's debut at the hawthorns with the unfortunate taste of over chewed gum and stale pies. Picking up right where he left off raja. yes guess. Who's back back again. Big sam's back tell a friend asked founds. I'm sorry you should have gone in while he was available because west brom snapped him up to replace bitch primarily keith richards. Call the package promoted but looks completely unable to keep them up big sam. Famous lake has never been relegated from the premier league. That's what it says on big sums linked in page twice before is taking over clubs in one thousand nine place blackburn.

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