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Download our mobile app to get started. Go to work. It's 8 23 onto the roads. Now with Lori Grandy and the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the three It has gotten really rough out there for a lot of folks. Unfortunately, Jeff first off three lanes are closed off on 1 28 North found this is due to a crash right at University of in Westwood. Only that far right hand lane is getting past traffic is stopped at Route 24 on 93 north on and that has 95 North and At a crawl from Coney Street to 1 28 watch out for delays. They're still they're dealing with that situation. Two on 24 north, and that crash has been pushed after the breakdown lane before route 27 bragged about the vehicles are still there. There's still awaiting shows and we're still seeing delays in that area. Eastbound Storrow Drive. Watch out for an over height truck just after the BU bridge near University Road, Watch out for delays there as well. Airport tunnels doing okay. Right now. We had some problems earlier with the crash inside the Sumner that's been cleared. Still tied up in the liver connector, The Tobin Bridge. Things continue to be slow going as well. Eastman on the Mass Pike approaching Newton Corner, Let's check out Route one. Now with Christine Neck and the Needham Bank copter. Well, Laurie, the first part of the ride here on Groundhog this morning looks pretty good out of Ipswich. All the way down through the jug. Handle lights and the Linfield Tunnel farther down, You run into the wall of brake lights down around Carter Street, Chelsea. That's the Tobin Bridge. Backup. Christina can they need a bank copter? Alright. Thanks, Kristen. We are still dealing with some pretty tough delays on 93 North Bend. The two left hand lanes are taken up with emergency vehicles as they deal with the crash at Mont Villa Vanstone. Um, traffic is starting to slow down there at spot pond to that point, Laurie Grandi WBC's traffic on the three good looking weekend on the way we check the four day WBZ AccuWeather forecast now, and meteorologist Matt Benz Yeah, Outside of a Spanish out here for this afternoon that could crop.

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