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Do you do live like i'll give you an example why i'm asking you this there's a coach named josie marino very superpopular superrich coaches manchester united the soccer team and people ask them questions and he's had tons of success tons of trophies and everything and then i was listening to an interview we did one day and he said if somebody asked him like it seems like you just go through the motions on these interviews he's like well i don't 'cause i have to he goes but i really everybody knows everything they wanna know about me and about the team he goes i care about that and what do you care about he goes the ninety minutes the ninety minutes of the saga you that's all i think about all weekend obsess over is those ninety ms he said it was such passion now i know for you guys you guys don't get to play a few games a week or nothing like that it's once every three months or six months or whenever you fighter but how about practices itself is it something where it's just a nice build up to your day knowing you're going to go in there and everybody's gonna work together bleed together sweat together yeah i mean it's fun i mean depends on on who's in that day but it's pretty much a front row seat to ufc fight sometimes opinion on how rowdy some of the guys get at each other but yeah i mean there's so many talented guys in the gym sometimes i'll sit back in almost being all like how good some of these guys athletic some of them are pretty cool the watcher you know i remember even awhile back like benefit us in and another top guy they're in and they're just scrambling like crazy fun to watch you know and i'm sitting in there getting paid to do it so as awesome early on in the in vegas culture will say mixed martial arts you would get a group of group guys and they would basically be on a phone text and say hey tonight we're going to take that tonight we're going to cobra kai and let's get them working and it was all.

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