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Binge on all this audible that you can all that you can take all that you can handle a year of audible right now for just ninety nine bucks that's a fifty dollars savings their annual membership normally retails at one hundred and fifty dollars the sales gonna in june twenty eight so go over to audible dot com slash binge check out that you are l e you'll enjoy listening to i mean endless audio every blitzkrieg wanted elizer anyway tillis even have celebrities readings homeless in the podcast understand the value of of stories on demand i mean that's what it is you're not subject to ought to make this show you just flippant on very cool catch up on some reading so go check audible out let us know where you think all right real news erik dekker signed a oneyear contract with the titans just before we left i believe three point eight five million dollars is rumored he may go to tennessee lives around there so what is erik dekker do now that he's a tennessee tied i think he helps the offense as a whole so when i look at what is erik dekker do it it leads me more to believe this is good news for marks mario marks mario to now has you know look has number one weapon rashard matthews is still there and all of a sudden he's the number three weapon you have a cory davis and erik dekker you still have delaney walker you've got passcatching running back so mark's marianas looking uh you know a little bit more interesting i bumped him up as far as air decker himself i know mike's not here to say he believes erik dekker wide receiver to and if that happens you can't be shocked because you have the combination of air dekker's always been so efficient with touchdowns i mean he is like he's that red zone machine and then you have the unsustainable hercules of efficiency in the red zone with markets mario to maybe if you put these two guys together may be erik dekker catches forty touchdown.

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