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Police were looking around, they knew you know they could see the traffic on the road, so they had plenty of warning if they had to get away, was pretty genius hiding place for them, so the FBI then used a pen register. Do you know that is now? It's basically an electronic device that records any numbers called from particular telephone line. And they applied this device to a handful of friends and family of the escapee's that they felt were capable of assisting and resulted in a hit on a call to a motel in Albuquerque FBI and police went to the motel, showed photos to the front desk agent and she recognized them. The entire area was searched, but they were unsuccessful in locating them. They had already left. It, really does feel like they were a step ahead the entire time. They really had a thought out plan. The major concern that the police had was for kinsman and Gilbert. who both murderers and Kim slow was also known as a rapist, and so is Gilbert so there were a huge threat to the community I. Think the at this time the entire state with freaked out. People were scared. people were worried. They were going to run into them so as they're on the run the FBI and And police were working around the clock to find them. Everything seem helpless. Until something happened in Arizona, James had already proven that he was a danger to society and he he showed that as he stalked potential victims in Arizona. He forced his way into a home started looking for weapons. He was able to get a shot gun. Several handguns a rifle as well as ammunition. He then forced the family to get into their vehicle and. Forced the data drive them to California at gunpoint. Once. He gets to Barstool California. He takes his hostages to a motel. He ties them up and then takes their vehicle as well as their eleven year old daughter and drives away Oh, my God, the parents eventually get free from the restraints somehow and call the police so now the FBI. Were dispatched to the area barstool looking for Kim slow and after two hours, police officers flagged down by the eleven year old girl in Garden Grove California, which is about one hundred miles away from where she was abducted. He dropped her off behind a restaurant and told her stay here. And he would, he would be back and if she called the cops, he would find her and kill her. She totally ignored him. Find him down or flagged down a police officer. And? What about us? As an eleven year old. Just have that like fuck you leaving..

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