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So we went to break where you do. With Gary Sanchez. Wendy. He can hit for average hit the tower. That's what the Yankees. Get him. Get him off the plate you need. Somebody who's not gonna lose the game you behind the plate. Look if he goes overboard goes over four, but you don't want him having been going over four and a couple of more passed balls and run scores or guy goes into scoring position. And that guy scores and it's all because of him. Can't fix them in in three or four weeks. Just let him concentrate on hitting. That's all you do. Let's go to Jim in school gym you're on the fan. Thanks. Tony funnier mentioning failure to communicate because I'm going to start out with Luis Severino press conference is the wild pitches. One in the past fall is he said it was used to roll mind signals and a reporter. So why do you have a different signal and seven and said it was a different catcher. So I'm going to go back to the Billy Martin during spring training. And every you know, every Yankee spring training bring up managers and coaches from every level from instructional league right up to triple eight, and they all had pads and pencils. They walk them around each of the trails. And he showed me this is how I want your on your level people talking about Billy Martin wild time, except he was a bear for detail mastered, standardized standardizing the training. I think if you were the manager and. Excuse was given he just like, you know, really lost it because he's at the things that an organization should prepare for. I I would just say, you know, standardized if you're right because you know, what what are you teaching something different on the rookie league as opposed to class as opposed to AA? I mean because then the kids confused when he gets to the majors. Correct. That's absolutely, right. And it's and you think about it. Now, everybody standardizes their training trad like I'm the manufacturing, and they have international standards organization, and you're right. So he was before its time. And that I'll give you one more example when Sanchez showed up at spring training this year a record or ask did you work on your catching skills during the off season? And he said, no, I didn't I was just another shocker I'm saying don't win an organization, do well monitored. It's Clair's during the off season to find out. Exactly what they're preparing for. Get to spring training. It's not like surprise. And also, whether you you're you know, you don't go into the postseason or you win the World Series. You still have an exit interview, and you should tell him. Look, you need to work on these things, and we know take some time off keel up. And then you know, we used to go to Florida you come to come to the stadium. There's some things you want. We want to keep you in the right shape, you to lose fifteen pounds. You gotta work on your balls in the dirt. I mean, you don't want to cover this spring training and start working on it. You want to be working on it before? And you're right. If you know, what did you do you just hit? And that's like the you don't get you didn't realize that you're catching wasn't that. Good. And it's not just the Yankees either. I know how shut up for the Mets a few years ago. He without a shape Sandoval shows up for the Red Sox two years ago. He had put on fifty pounds. So it's it's baseball. No, you're absolutely right. It reminds me of something in boxing about guys losing weight is to type of guys is the guy. Let's. Let's say you're a hundred and forty seven Pounder welterweight this the guy who shows up the camp at one hundred and fifty pounds camps four or five weeks you losing the weight, but you're in basic shape, anyway, so you can spoil you can run you can work the pads, and you can lose three pounds. And no problem, then is a guy who shows up twenty pounds, overweight, and he spends most of that time trying to lose the weight instead of honing your your skill by the time you get down to one forty seven the fights in three days or is it a week? And all of you spent like Durant in a second. Leonard face spent all that time just losing weight because he got fat. Let's go to Joseph in Los Angeles Joseph. How are you? How are you my friend? I'm doing well. What's going on? This is four quick question. Last won't be boxing. Did you happen to hear two days ago driving it around eleven o'clock? You got in my favorite, man. Did you hear Joe DC some nights? They'll know somebody mentioned that I didn't I didn't hear all tweets. Please take time out your day before you leave. If they have a tape-recorded listens. Fifteen minutes ago. Yellen. Literally played like on the radio. I think it was like New York New York, and he's like come on calm down. Think me a song? Yellow back and forth off Steve. All right. Okay. My dad like I said the big time we're talking tonight. And he's like, I don't understand this. He's like I can't name anyone on the Tampa Bay rays to get there like thirteen games over five hundred eagle was injuries. Whether the case is he was like, we're. She's I don't want to say, I'm like, you know, what that's a very good point. The other day shutout like seven guys or something like that. Yeah. They traded Chris archers of the pirates. Like, I can't name anybody from, you know, beat, you know, no other guys from when they were winning on that team to fight. So, you know, it's like is it so bad where it's like, oh the metal is no talent. There's no talent. And then like you were saying the other night. I don't understand. What's the hallway bringing young kid up like L, great another four weeks? Jay, bruce. How exciting. Yeah. I mean, really I I heard a funny story of why they didn't bring up. Vlad Guerrero junior. Like, he was ripping up the the miners, and he got hurt. He goes back to rip it up. And I said why why they bring up they said they're not bringing him up because of the the the general manager had dealt with the Red Sox before. And he said we brought up Manny Rivera Ramirez up too soon because he wasn't ready defensively. I'm like really has he ever been good defensively? The guy can hit. I mean, come on. Now, you don't want to start the arbitration clock. That's exactly. I honestly think we know what tonight whatever the case is winding down. Did they still have to fill the Red Sox? So that'll play to raise troubles Morial. I really think if they don't kick it into gear, and you know, the air balloon does it bring out the smell of by. Hey, guys. Listen, they're gonna end up having to fly out the open. And then, you know, let me look at the Red Sox or somebody say anything when they game in Oakland. Let's say those last three games there'd be a Boston or New York. But I've probably both my, thanks. Okay. Yeah. So what's the rest of? Hey, you know, what got nothing to do. Let's make it. So that they have to fly out there anyone if they win that walk all game. Fly over here. Anyway. That wildcard game. Now, the pitching of all messed up what I who gains. Everybody's tired. You know, that that's a very real scenario that can happen. So they kick it into gear. And then my last one Tony because I know you I just have one question when I was younger my mother God rest associates on my favorite when I was a kid. He used to come on. What is his name? He's the magic carpet. Same. How that happened to him? He got into some trouble. You got in a car crash. And I think he killed somebody. And and leave the country because I think he got inducted to the hall of fame, but he wasn't allowed to leave England or whatever. But. I think he manages money. Pretty well. He's just he's okay now. But. Okay. Other than him him and Roy Jones, even before the wards y'all started rapping, and he forgot how the box like I just like they were my favorites. Like, you know, like, but thanks this shit. I was wondering what happened. Yeah. I remember he brought them to New York. And they took the press we on a double double double decker bus ride through lower due to the thirties with him just holding court on top of the bus and what Kevin Kelly one of the all time. Great pfizer. And they both got knocked down two or three times these shows. And he wanted to fight though. Let's go to John down in Clearwater, Florida. John you're on the fan. Tony. How're you doing? You pretty good China and about well. First of all, I did a eight twenty five white castles in twenty minutes. Oh, bent or just because you're hungry. No. There you go. How laid up you after that wasn't bad that day. But the the next the next two days, really. I can imagine. I can't imagine. Just though just what Gary Sanchez. I think a lot of his problems have really between. His is. You know, I just I don't understand like one of those bulls tonight that he didn't block, you know, it was a slider away. And you know, I coached down here Florida. A couple of times. And you know, I always teach my kids you always pay. Especially on a breaking ball. You know, the ball being in the dirt. Right. Okay. Expected this way you were able to react quicker. And then if the pitches, you know, the pitches is good. It's it's a piece of cake to catch. And he's even react. I understand that. You know, he said, oh, he stabs at the ball. Like like, I was saying earlier for catcher, if the balls in the dirt, you turn the gloves for the back of the glove is in the dirt. And you move your legs. And he just has the pocket facing down. He's trying to like like, you know, stab at to pick it up in flight before it hits the ground. I'm like, what is he doing? Yeah. Yeah. I I just don't understand like that's like a couple of other ones. Yeah. I think might have been across supper too earlier on a few of those other ones. But you know, I mean, I'm sure you do this simple drill with catchers. Where you have a guy stand maybe twenty feet, and you just keep throwing balls in the dirt. So we hear and you'll tell them what side he has to he has to figure it out. So. He slides his feeding gets closes legs at a ball doesn't get buying. But it seems like they just he seems like he's a third baseman decided to put behind the plate in emergency situation. Yeah. You know, what I wonder if I haven't been paying that much attention. Like, I wonder if there's a problem with guys that are throwing a certain velocity, you know, like it, you know, guys, which are on ninety seven. You know, and they have to figure this out with him. You know, 'cause I I'm not sure when when I stand able to come back and play outfield again, right? You know, you gotta stay in play the outfield again, and and be able to D H Sanchez because they can't you can't have what they had tonight. I always thought that when bird was struggling. I said, you know, what comes back. Maybe he's a Yankee first base for the future. But he's he's not adept on his feet. And I think. He's big Papi..

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