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Family my newest esperanto at all and yet if i were in a group like this am i needed somebody to hold my wallet with all my money in it i would handed to an esperado speaker and full confidence that whenever i came back through would headed back to me and my money still pieta i have that level of confidence and trust in the in the people i know what come to weaken peashooter city the national congress is a combination of socializing workshops and seminars in meetings about running the usa association this year there were about seventy attendees with guests flying in from canada neither liens and elsewhere and about one thousand streaming from facebook live for the past several years the national congress has no followed by an eight day esperado seen course where people can learn the language this year they had fifty eight students both events are held at william peace bagged a judge born with the goal of world unity that internal idea of esperanto or what as france's call lie tear not e deo part in my accent was originally rooted in jewish universal machine and removed taking threat but humans being the fickle creative creatures that they are front ends the history of esperanto involves socialists narrowly 1920s who wanted to use as brought her to further the goals of socialism that's esther shore english professor and esperanto scholar at princeton university we spoke a few weeks before the congress it involves bolshevism of the soviets embraced esperanto for a period of time until they changed their minds and shot the as broncos the thirty eight names lived nazi pronto movement and been used for a number of other kinds of causes for pacifism of four green in consciousness etcetera etcetera this year's keynote speaker was humphrey tonkin in english professor at the university of hartford and former president.

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