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Hotel room. Suite dash escapes dot com. And you can follow her on instagram. Which is sweet escape. I follow there. You go yeah. Up actually hooked us up in and connected us with a with for the sites sites networking thing. Yeah that's right. Yeah had a whole of her on there and she'll hook you up with friends and family so it. How is it with you. And i were talking before about having a place out there like there's some people that love having people that have rental homes and those like the locals that out there for a longer than twelve years. Don't like what's your experience with that. So yeah i mean you run into some of the locals. And i got some neighbors of these properties that are like men up very anti short term rental right because they view it as you guys are coming in and you're renting Hardly ignore yeah you read these places to bachelorette parties in. They're making all kinds of noise on friday and saturday nights in your causing all kinds of mayhem. So they don't like it right some of them but the people that understand that the income that's drawn as glaspie cownie. The i mean the amount of money that the that place is bringing in due to short term rentals is insane amount of taxes. I have to pay based on those three properties. Zinn saying do you know so. I mean it's you know for. I do feel a little bit for the original locals that were born and raised there because eighties the air even like actually i've befriended my one neighbor in the very first property. He was born and raised and still lives in the same house. But he's my friend. He invited me and we are going kristen. My wife and i are going to his wedding. And i love it that's all. Cmo's are long out there. And we pay them and he takes care of me during the freeze. He was going into my house and running water and making sure it wasn't freezing and all that so he took care of me. Take him i. We gave them our whole house for a week in october. Which is a high period october. Go as it's just after. October fest out there and we're like You take this house..

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