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Trump's. Also. Notice that out there. Right. That's what would be contributed the beach, boys. Lost like anything that had like any subtext 'cause they just can't do that. They're like, hey, where beach man, what's your first song surfboard surfboard surfboard surfboards only one of them, actually surfed? Yes is the only one that served, and he was the one that was her friends with Manson though, right? He was friends with Manson and for bringing Manson great. She were in this tidbit in the producer of the song, the one that reached out to Phillips and was waiting for me. This guy Terry Melcher who is the only child of Doris day and briefly produced Charles Manson Charles Manson all over this track. I mean, you could hear it. Right. So the Phillips ended the song and Mike love and Terry Melcher that producer guy basically rewrote a little bit. And then added the Aruba Jamaica stuff. So if it doesn't sound like the beach boys, it might because of that or because Brian Wilson had nothing to fuck to do with this song and didn't even sing on it. But stamos drummed done it not on the recording. That's when I found it was cocktail. And then I'll stay most pop up every so often was he even on the Saudi miming the drums correctly. But the beach the beach boys, we're on an episode of full house voting this song introduction to the beach, boys. Was just them appearing on full house 'cause I haven't multiple times it was that one episode where the Barbara, Barbara, and and Kokomo by far, my least favorite beach songs ever. Truly the worst. What else do I have? Okay. So they wanted to get Brian Wilson to sing on it. But Dr Landy wouldn't let him Dr Landy oh about that About that guy. guy back to Landy. Oh, yeah. It's a whole thing. It's very long tangent. Very wild. Look Brian Wilson Dr land, do you wanna read about tell me give me like a brief is this sand box era? Brian Wilson when he's sitting in a sandbox in his house for like hours at a time. I don't know that was a phase he went through to. I believe I will admit I don't know a ton about it. But he had like a psychologist and that then turned into like his manager that then turned into like, his producer. That that person does not sound like they're taking advantage of them at all license removed. Yeah. It's a whole thing. Very well relationship. And then okay, I guess I'll just get into the craziest thing come right out and say Kokomo, not a real place. Oh, yeah. Place, which is doesn't exist. They say it's a small part of like an island off of the key west like Islam, something like that. I was gonna say the one that's Jurassic Park. You said is. Why is that in my head is less something, and they think Kokomo is. But that is also maybe ret conned Lor when I read is that Phillips the guy from the most profit wrote the song had holidayed on the island of Mustique, which was owned by Colin Tennant, isn't so much deep cuts sixties music. But it's not a real place. Although there are several places named Kokomo. None of them are off the Florida Keys. Oh, yeah. Komo even come from. Places names together like Montego, and like I dunno. Also, coca Kokomo, I've also heard I mean, maybe this is all like just shit. You hear growing up like so and so got their stomach pumped from calmer. Whatever. Just like that. But I also thought Kokomo was like I heard at hurt. It was like a Japanese word for like peace or something like it was like. Albany two different Japanese words like coke and Mogo. Coco and MO. Didn't show my deep dive. And that's all the facts. I got for you. You're welcome. Thank. Thank you. I feel like personal relationship with the song. Oh, can't stand. It. I at the top cannot stand. This damn song? I legitimately never think about this song aside from whenever people mentioned the beach, boys. My mind defaults pet sounds but then looking at this. I just got like flashbacks like, oh, yeah. This is also a beach boys songs from such different era that I just blocked it out of my mind. And it's no it's not a good song. I never thought about it before..

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