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People people on the right do not care they will contradict themselves at every fucking my right as long as it benefits whatever reality that look what by if still on board with trump by this point me pointing out to you how much money was wasted by malania flying is not gonna make you will you know what i think i'm done that's it fucking spelled union god i wanted a white supremacist that could spell i'd look for it daniel what something that you think is underrated by thing that's underrated the ever been to irl sandwich earl sam oral of samlot cheryl of sam sandler sparsely around this hurt wit it's been in vegas there is one in vegas too i know either one deathly ill i've i've stopped by there's warning or now lay might be a one allied no i think i've seen the first one when i was in east fake is once they have a thanksgiving day sandwich that is the greatest sandwich i've ever really yes more people need to get on this have you okay now have you been a cab riady's is it a day of thanksgiving we asked that one here on the west side the bobby yes yeah is very very good as well so how does that compared to the by because i guess but it's out in a while is there is i have the body's cap riady's yes it is their roasted turkey net is a sliced it's like pulled it's like a turkyilmaz india delicious via and then it's stuffing and in cranberry sauce any manager something like that but for me there roasted turkey turkeys so good is what sets everything apart so it is at the same sort of similar ingredients now i think it should year which to me makes a better more while it's just so good i'm looking at it it looks like they go heavy on the stuffing which i think is be due at the earl of sandwedge role of sandwich in it's perfectly microwaved it is very good as very very good like microwaved in one of those ones that keeps a krispy like quiz knows or microwaved unlike has that's my auto nauseous assume that they aren't the quiz knows want us to think that roller coaster coaster roller a is not as we call it back in the day when we met at hugh.

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