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Shot of his nephew and twenty one other people died in the shooting that investigators are looking into as a possibly racially motivated a B. said Donahue as this on the investigation of the Dayton shooting in which nine people were killed Connor bats killed his younger sister in eight others in Dayton Oregon entertainment district before he was shot and killed by officers we have found evidence of a violent ideology FBI special agent Todd worker ham wouldn't go into detail other than we have not found that anything that indicates that it's a racial motivation at this time I'm not you know again we have a lot to go through Dayton's police chief Richard Beal says bets was obsessed with violent ideas include mass shootings and had expressed a desire to commit a mass shooting Todd worker ham said bets had not been on the FBI's radar I met Donahue investigators also found a broad ranging list of targets compiled by the young man who killed three people at the Gilroy garlic festival ten days ago a Pennsylvania man has been indicted in the scheme in which a security guard at an a TF facility in West Virginia where weapons were to be destroyed instead stole them and they were then sold online prosecutors say Richard Schreiber bought fifteen rifles at least eighty hand guns most of which were retired a T. of duty weapons and for fully automatic machine guns from Christopher Yates who admitted to stealing those weapons driver then sold the weapons online federal agents have been able to recover most of them including at least three of the four machine guns this is a B. radio news the push is on to get Congress to pass tighter gun laws New York Republican Peter king went to a Walmart on Long Island.

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