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The outcome will determine which party will control the upper chamber and shape US policy for years to come. Democratic challenger Reverend Raphael Warnock today held a drive in rally and Stone Mountain, Georgia. To rip into incumbent Republican Senator Kelly Leffler. She wasn't thinking about those who are sheltering in. She was busy trying to shelter her portfolio help millions of dollars of stock profited from the pandemic. Who does that, while telling you there's nothing to worry about. Incoming Republican Senator David Perdue is running against his Democratic opponent, John Assaraf. At least one of the challengers must win to get a Democratic majority in the Senate. New U S. A. Today. Paul has been released with people's feelings and President Trump in the election. Fox is tiny J Powers. A poll by USA Today and Suffolk University says 50%. Of those surveyed predict history. Will Judge Donald Trump as a quote failed president. 70% say the president should concede now that the Electoral College has voted and 57% of Republicans, saying he should not. 62% of those polled say President elect Joe Biden was legitimately elected and 66% say President Trump should attend his inauguration next month. Republicans polled also appear ready to back President Trump if he tries another run in 2024, with 71% saying they'll vote for him. The poll was conducted with 1000 registered voters between December 16th at 20th. Tanya J. Powers Fox News. Another celebration has been scaled back because of the pandemic Kwanza, which began yesterday, Vice President Elected Kamila Harris posted a video on Instagram Happy holidays. Everyone I wanted to take a moment to send my warmest wishes to everyone celebrating Kwanzaa, Kwanzaa, which honors the pan African culture ends January 1st. I'm.

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