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Dan shaw bell in fewer than ten minutes. My goal is to extract the best bryson. The world's smartest and most interesting people might ask them just five questions. My guest today is singer. Songwriter and actor. Jesse mccartney jesse's first three albums made the top fifteen of the billboard top two hundred and his most known for his singles beautiful soul and leaving he's performed and collaborated with t pain new kids on the block and backstreet boys. He's appeared in fear. The walking dead and alvin and the chipmunks jesse's first album and seven years is called next stage. We talk about everything from the inspiration for the album to growing up as a popstar during this podcast episode jesse. Welcome to five questions thanks. Dan appreciate him in. What were some of the negative implications of being a big pop star at such a young age. The biggest thing is grappling with missing dances. Which you know obviously years later you'll look back and you're like how insignificant but at the time it's very real you know for you as as a child you know missing things like graduations. Although i made mine. I barely made it and i didn't get to go to my senior year of high school. I didn't get to be with my class that i rule up with since kindergarten in new york. I was in los angeles working. So i think just missing the little things especially when you grow up with them and then you're thrown into this world. It's easy now to look back. But i remember then thinking this is terrible. I'm not going to go to my junior prom or my senior prom. So i think those moments kind of sting when you're sixteen but i certainly wouldn't trade it. I think it was a fair tradeoff overall. Yeah i mean. We're only looking back in hindsight now and a lot of childhood stars have to make those sacrifices in order to capitalize on their momentum and talents when they're young. Because now you know people. The who you are if you released music. It's more likely to get low rather than someone who has not put in the years when they're when they're a kid and you started at such a young age you know at seven years old so That definitely gives you an advantage. What obstacles did you encounter as you transitioned from being in a boy band to your own solo career. And how did you overcome them. The biggest thing was a hurdling. The fact that i was doing it now by myself on stage carrying the show but also it was after a time where things were a little contentious between myself or the band and the producers kind of when i learned what the industry is gonna be what it was about that. It wasn't just getting up on stage singing that there was business behind it..

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