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To the New week on the big Show Our Big three stories. The article of Impeachment against Donald Trump will be sent from the house to the Senate today. The trial, though, will not begin until February, the knife and if you're wondering why he's being Impeached Well, we'll leave that to Chuck Schumer. Senators will have to decide If they believe Donald, John Donald John Trump. Incited the erection. Well, that's an important thing to the side and hopefully the red it up the flagpole, and that's what killed the son. Also in the Big Three. What else is new Tom Brady's in the Super Bowl for the 10th time. This one is a member of Tampa Bay, and the game is in Tampa Bay. That's never happened before. The Buccaneers will be hosting the champion Kansas City Chiefs in two weeks and rounding out the Big Three We lost a couple of legends 87 year old broadcaster Larry King. Larry had been hospitalized with covert. And one of baseball's all time great players and people. Hank Aaron, he was 86. No cause of death was given well. Ironically, he had taken the covert vaccine a few weeks ago. So People are hoping there's no connection there. But sad, Michael, you know, I knew both of them and you have the lights go out one by one, and you know, it's just you wake up and you say Well, Who's next? I mean, they've been 10 Baseball Hall of Famer since April, some big names like Tom Seaver and Whitey Ford and Bob Gibson. And I know all these people. I was just this. It really hurts. It really does. While I lost another friend over the weekend, Bob Avian, who co created a chorus line with Michael Bennett, and he choreographed Sunset Boulevard and a whole bunch of Broadway shows great guy Terrific guy on guy. He's gone now, too. So what's happened? All right. Let's welcome into the show. Jeffrey, look been the colorful defense attorney always speaks. What's on his mind? I have a new rule. Jeffrey. You wanna hear my new rule? Do I have to know? I guess I do not come on the show. So yes, of course. Yes. Good morning. Here. Here's my rule. You can't go off on your little jokes about. Biden has dementia. By needs oatmeal. Biden is cognitively impaired. I mean, you really have to come up with some new material. I just don't think that's fair. He doesn't eat oatmeal. He has oatmeal for brains, but go ahead. I don't want this. I want to straighten that out. All right. So what do you think of the administration so far, Jeff? Well, you know, I think that once you're in charge, I think all of a sudden it becomes a little harder to throw. You know, with rocks from the side, and I think Biden is learning that now The supporters are He comes in and says, Look, I've got a plan to handle this virus. I've got a plan and trump dozens, and then he comes in. And what is his plan? Where a mask for 100 days He tells us that There's nothing he can do to change the trajectory of the covert virus, which is exactly the opposite of what he told us. He was running for president. He then told us that he would have 100 million Americans vaccinated. 100 days. Well, guess what the day before he became president. 1.6 million Americans got the first jab. So he's saying things that all of a sudden don't make a lot of sense. And I think that The American public. All of a sudden is realizing well, you know Trump was a complete and utter lunatic and a disaster in so many ways, But there's a reason why Joe by and ran for president. Seemingly every election cycle since, like 1948, and never really had any traction. There's a reason and now they're starting to understand why so, look, I'm open. Giving him a shot because I think all Americans have two regardless of the party. I know that's painful, but just look, we can't just hope for the guy to fail. Because then we become in my mind. We become the far left who are actually openly rooting for Iran against America. So you know they do They do. Oh, absolutely that you don't think they do. Lend. You don't think that the far left roots for you Don't think they were pissed. When General Sulamani was assassinated. They were seriously No. Okay, well, they might wrote Well, they might not have liked the tactics, but they're not rooting for Iran to beat the United States. That's slander. Lana, Jeff, Lynne and Jeffrey, I think you're gonna agree with agree with me on this one. What they're rooting for land is for Iran to bomb the crap out of Israel because they despise Israel. Course. Well, it's not even a question about that. Maybe I'll just shoot him for the next segment, because this is just the silly stuff. But no, it's Z good stuff. One is a reason why people love this segment, and it's because I'm telling the truth,.

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