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I thought just to make you understand how it's so important keep unchallenging yourself in your way of thinking to really be that forward thinking brand interesting so the campaign i mean for those that haven't seen it will probably linked to one of the spots at the video spots but it taps music in unheard ways rated remixing a old classic you've got striking imagery pop culture icons it's edgy on many levels and at the end i've never exactly sure what i just saw so i go back in washington again it's a very different way that promote she's in apparel and i'm just curious with the set the internal cell was like to get that approved that's a good question it's not easy i could imagine at a great support for my boss though because he understood what we had to do we are very product at the time and tonga three years ago very products centric and don't get me wrong products the dna of our brand you know but from a campaigning structure point of view it was like potter campaign after product campaign and we really didn't have an you know an umbrella over it or something that really connected all of the dots and so for me that was the most important part is like we needed to have a brand umbrella a brand film let's just put it this way existed easiest way to understand but brand film our campaign that really broaded altogether and you know when i mentioned the aha moment of the paradigm shift we had already in progress a great potential brand film that you know i was ready to scrap and start all over in the night i looked at it again and i sought no this is right i mean we just have to tweak it but the direction is the right direction.

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