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The world shapers <Speech_Male> is also <Speech_Male> available online <Speech_Male> at the world. <Speech_Male> SHAPERS DOT COM. That's <Speech_Male> the main website <Speech_Male> you can also <Speech_Male> find it on <Speech_Male> facebook. If you look <Speech_Male> up the world shapers podcast <Speech_Male> and <Speech_Male> you can find it on twitter <Speech_Male> at the world <Speech_Male> shapers and of course <Speech_Male> I also available <Speech_Male> online. You <Speech_Male> can find me at my <Speech_Male> main website site. Edward <Speech_Male> Willett DOT COM. <Speech_Male> That's W. <Speech_Male> I L. E. <Speech_Male> TO TS. Edward <Speech_Male> Willett DOT COM. <Speech_Male> You can find me on <Speech_Male> twitter at e Willett <Speech_Male> E. W. I l. <Speech_Male> l. e.. <Speech_Male> And you can <Speech_Male> find me on facebook <Speech_Male> at Edward Don <Speech_Male> Willett <Speech_Male> as I <Speech_Male> mentioned off the <Speech_Male> Top this podcast <Speech_Male> is part of the <Speech_Male> statute and podcast <Speech_Male> network which is <Speech_Male> supported sorted by <Speech_Male> connects US <Speech_Male> Credit Union. <Silence> Next time. <Speech_Male> You're stuck in traffic <Speech_Male> for awhile. Here's some <Speech_Male> things to think about instead <Speech_Male> of why the car in <Speech_Male> front of you is going so <Speech_Male> slow. Where if <Speech_Male> the car behind and you trying <Speech_Male> to hitch a ride on <Speech_Male> your bumper? <Silence> What if your bank was committed <Speech_Male> to working with you <Speech_Male> to achieve your goals? <Speech_Male> What if they <Speech_Male> cared enough to get to know <Speech_Male> you? What if they <Speech_Male>

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