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Art modell was a feature in the magazine and it was talking about a man of the media has ball the cleveland browns in what he wanted to do was go from that industry or that business and fully immerse himself with cleveland brown necet that's what i did art modell i wanna be your yeah dan stuck in a like that because he hates art modell because he moved the browns out of cleveland the baltimore and kind of curses his name to this day but didn't realize that art modell was kind of uh his inspiration reading that uh a guy that was not really in football that wanted to own a team and get into it and that's how jerry kind of gun interested in it yet he kinda moves pass that and goes on to talk about how the chargers came up for sale anne he basically warned by the chargers and his dad talked him out of buying the charges to hear that guy yeah sure looked like and it actually starts with i guess he had heard that joe robbie the owner the miami dolphins was kind of talking about selling the team or selling a part of the team and that's how they got go who said well jerry first ball i'm really selling minority interests which don't have control while i was there though mr ravi i got barron hilton on the phone who on descend eagle charged missed healed and said look i don't have time for tire kickers in people that are qualified tell him to have a million dollar letter of credit on my desk and then i'll sit down and talk with low within 24 hours the million dollar letter of credit was on the.

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