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O'clock best of show tomorrow and take a day off tomorrow on show on Monday live will have on Maria Herrera from department of workforce connection will have won two of the development team from the midtown campus and we'll have one doctor windy Johnson the medical director and love to Millia Medical Center that is on Monday but tomorrow we're going to place some interviews that we've done recently and not take a day off and have the best of all right she just concluded a few minutes ago waiting for the governor to conclude spent about a half an hour today updating us on what's going on in Mexico this is the governor concluded a few minutes ago Michelle Lujan Grisham good afternoon to Mexico it's governor Michelle lu Han Grisham and we're coming to you from the governor's residence in Santa Fe and we wanted to do a Facebook live conversation today and I want to start with this so I have worked diligently and because they work and they make a difference and they can make the difference between spreading code nineteen and not spreading cove it and I want to point out to this incredible homemade mask and this is then this was made for me by an incredible young woman in Albuquerque her name is Danielle Lowry I met Danielle when I was a county commissioner she was concerned that some of the livestock policies that were decided upon by the county commission finally county may not be as balanced as they needed to be she was seventeen she was an incredibly enthusiastic artistic art full and incredible advocate and we've got kept in contact since and she got me interested in raising chickens and by the way I've got five fabulous chickens producing eggs every single day right here so Danielle thank you for this homemade crocheted chicken mask it's got a place in the back for putting a filter so making sure that it's as useful and productive as possible I wanna thank you very much and I promise to wear it in good health and also she's a local business owners were really struggling to make sure all of us that we're investing in supporting local businesses it is flowers by Zach Lowe and her family are also responsible for the New Mexico turquoise museum right there at the Gertrude Zachary castle downtown so when those are places you can visit make sure that you take some time to do that so what are we doing today why do Facebook live why have a different strategy because when we do the modeling and the updates which we will continue to do we want to make sure that the Mexicans are briefed informed as it were transparent that we show you how we're making decisions why we're making decisions and to make sure that you are absolutely on a daily basis aware of where this infection is what we're doing about it and then you see hope in the context of making sure that we talk about recoveries so today I want to focus on all the incredible new Mexicans and all the incredible things that go on even though we're all alone sideload squared away in our own homes telecommuting to work work not being able to work at all and in engaged in thank you for reaching out and making sure that unemployment insurance which belongs to you when you're unemployed if those benefits are coming at but in fact what's unique about this crisis is that we are all in it together one St together New Mexico and we are watching the entire country navigate its way towards making sure that we keep each other safe that we manage and maintain our social contracts and responsibilities and we find a way to live in a coveted world and we're doing that and I really wanted to make sure that you knew that there's incredible acts of kindness and generosity and compassion and the the issues that people are working to address is nothing short of remarkable I want to share that with you today the first one is talk a little bit about food this is a state that under the best of circumstances has really struggled with food security for far too many families in New Mexico and quite frankly we were really beginning to see this state turn the tide before this national spring clean worldwide public health emergency but right now I'm in New Mexico and I mentioned this earlier in the week at a press conference we have provided five point three million meals to children and their families in the state of New Mexico and when we knew that was no longer safe to have kids attend school and school was canceled for the remainder of the school year in New Mexico at the same time we were very clear not just about distance learning but making sure that food security issues were addressed up for all school age children their families in the Mexico five point three million meals in addition aging and long term services with a whole host of volunteers has served two hundred and ninety three thousand meals to seniors and their families and we have delivered more than four hundred thousand pounds of food statewide with a real significant focus into our native American communities statewide it is incredible work and it takes the National Guard first responders state workers local workers city government workers volunteers the faith based community any number of folks who were all coming together hi and a shout out right now and I mean every faith based organization is engaged in helping us packed meals deliver meals get donations for food to food banks have been incredible but a shout out to Calvary church who's making incredible strides in getting large quantities of food right now deliver on to the New Mexico site of the Navajo Nation hello I just want to make sure that you know what's going on every single day no in addition to that we have some rock stars in the state who on their own not part of a program not part of the state effort not part of the school system getting getting food out but thinking about ways to step out of those rules of their in them were just to do something uniquely on their own so first I wanna give a shout out to Sheila in penyakit go yeah she really is one of our education workers who is responsible for making sure that meals are prepared for children and those northern New Mexico communities in that school district but what she did in addition to that is she engaged the local fire departments and she took what we hoped would be a forty meal a day operation largely by herself but she engage safely using all of the social distancing requirements and a grab N. go environment for families she's producing two hundred meals a day by engaging other like minded community members and leveraging those resources and I I wanna give a shout out because that's the kind of leadership that we fail to identify and thank we'll be thankful for every single day and Sheila I'm thankful to you you keep doing that and we are so proud of you and thank you for caring about families in your community and what about Serra in Las Vegas well we're gonna wait called about lots of weight we'll hear about Sir in just a minute take a time out for some commercials well and we'll come back and listen to more of her fireside chat today in in the governor's mansion with the governor talked just talking about not facts and figures not statistics not how many new cases we have or how many fatalities we have but just about New Mexico cool stuff actually nice to know all the different things are going on mol we're so concerned with you know what we're doing take a break we'll come.

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