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Woke means. ESPN SEM Thomas coming up. With us later onto the scots everything you events is, we'll start though in the Premier League Manchester United and Chelsea qualify for the Champions League. UNITED WITH A to victory over less than meanwhile Chelsea without win against walls sees all. You're going to show and frank. Lampard side make it into the top four less city, but let's not forget with fifteen points Clare of fifth on New Year's. They dropped the ball completely in twenty twenty and have to make do with Europa League football dodgson staving echo with us, stevie united with win on the season. You one of the harshest critics so all. He's proved you wrong, isn't he? Host you? Listen the. You, you can't see that. Qualifying for the champions. League is not success. For, all the Because as You know ended a day. I think the biggest and the main reason why the option because when transfer marquette. Bought Bruno Fernandes without that piece of business. This this would happen so listen. He always asked to coach the team and he obviously had a hand and say Bruno Fernandes Oh yeah as I said. It's success. I'm not convinced that he can take them from from. Champions League qualifies to actually vying for the title against Liverpool in city I still. The way way off and I still think they have to say more players, but yes, but all they get into the champions lease as a success. But he's had plenty of time. Your United Stat Dome. That now. All you early I mean they close form then they all Liverpool, which is incredible thirty two from Bouma. Thirty three away from Liverpool, and it's not the right time in because I think that the well getting into jump and say those incredible finish I agree with Stevie. Bruno Fernandes doesn't come in. At this, all thing is that. Is Jason for Non Stop the season? Why did they wait until John? Rudy Sunan done I will never ever. No nothing deserves credit ease. That's big name. Players go shifted the dynamic inside the dressing room. He's might young is made them hungrier. There have been assigned to watch is not too many egos at the football club anymore, and you have a job on the summer. Trying to convince big plans like will stay on. And then chartwell tracked maybe three or four plans to try and give him so titled Till Next Season Way to they need to add to the squad don. I was still like say them. With a recognized number nine I get the argument where people think that Mason Green was going to lead the line, and maybe the could bring in some more to plan the rights on side because I'm not convinced marcial. Yet again I think the such a good player net. He's not consistent enough. And Watching Higher Maguire today and Victor Lindelof as a pair. I mean less than without James Madison. Pereira without Soyeoun shoe without some of their very best players, another about that was missing volley at Indiana Joe Coast to center offs problems time after time after time, and this under-strength less decide so I would like to see, and if they all going to try and compete again can get closer to the city. Liverpool in my opinion, need Weltklasse Center off as difficult I because there's a lot of things that need whoa. Cloud sends a house the moments Stevie, do you agree that that priority? Yes. I would think so. you know I, think. Might yes united. As far as the world's can sell the one of the big teams, one of the teams that most players want to go to the fact that they are on the rise the fact on. Champions League the fact that the whole dynamic when you see the World Manchester of the the team Manchester. United, people think about it in a different way now you said that about two columnists. A goal you know as younger is more dynamic the best to watch. This is a mile away from from what we were looking out two three years ago, so listen. Please available. That good enough, and we'll make your bet so then I ain't got a chance and I, do agree sent a bike big time. Maguire I think Maguire's A. Santa, bite, the Premier League I don't think he's anywhere near Von Day, but he certainly made a big impact united, and I think we should probably just hold off a little because. You, know, Greenwood, Marcial have had a good spell, but we know marcial said good spells before ingredients, a young player so this Stola, a room for united to to build as don sad. Three points off Liverpool show. Clearly they have to get. A big and better squad, but they're on the right way. It's rubbish gain today they wanted. Don I suppose if you're not find? You don't care, but it just felt nervy. That wasn't much quality on the show and in the end either cited really wanted. Yeah well I felt less than a second off they'll. Never GonNa, go win the game. I thought United Palm Game I felt, a little tired was looking at the miniature was pulled today. He looked as though he just wanted to season to win because he never more slapped. He's leg Bruno. Fernandes was fighting in the game until he scored the penalty. And it was so contagious. Everyone just jaded hundred sprint dip in from the finish line, and yet they got the don't, but it was very nervy washing again because it nil nil completely in the balance. What happens unless the Don? Willett records been horrendous. Everyone seems to think that is just being since the restart what the took six six wins from a possible twenty two so injuries of massively played. You know when you think of Tara. Everyone was talking about him on Trenton, the best right back in the country. The full stalled seesawing shoe before he was suspended was getting linked with likes among cities. Cash Bush Michael wasn't making too many mistakes. He met into custody one today. And then you take a judge Madison at the top end of the pitch in. They're always going to be a little bit lightsout. Burner which made it could come at you the diet wherever it was just a brandon Rogge's statement amongst the show, but he tried to take the pressure off the team I by saying top full was never the aim assault the season. It was always a top six, so he tried to. Relieve a little bit of pressure so I still think when you look at the bigger context of way less refinished in faith, I think the done quite well. That's showing, isn't it? If I if I'm less fan I WANNA be hearing. We wanted that taught for place. Understand, it's a fluid situation changes when you've got a fifteen point lead over faith on New Year's Day and you blow it Stevie, and you end up finishing faith, which you have taken starve season. Of course you would no doubt about that, however things change, and surely your targets. Your goals have to change with it. Depends on. If. You want me to look where you've just. You've just played the then. It's absolute disaster being not many points Cleveland not making it. But if you want to look at it realistically and rationally. Less the city. They have the stop living on the field. Could give antibody again. But as soon as you start losing. Then you're struggling. Baktai nowhere near and the reason within think there were there were talk formatted. Material is because the four or five or six teams were begging squads unknown. So. Listen you glasses you the half full half empty. Far Clear disappointed at the end of the day..

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