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Mother mother, father, father, brother, brother, brother, brother, bubba, this mumbo jumbo. And then if you look at the entries, it's kind of like just putting these word games or these programming as brain and I'll just I was just transfixed to the TV. I just couldn't wait to see and he's going through this. And that's his process and I get it. And I'm sure at the same time he was looking at the colors on the program or I'm pretty sure most announcers follow them by the silks. I think. Right? So I think he was doing that thing. He was looking by the silks and I think he was he was just through repetition saying red and green stripes as it was just mind-blowing, then I go, oh, okay, that's how they do it. Because I've tried to call it, we're all trying to call races and you're looking at the number and you're looking down on the program. No one's going to be any good doing that. That's for sure. This is funny. There was a horse recently named American Empress, and I called her American Express the whole way around. One letter off, but somebody asked me about they're like, well, don't you just look at your program? I'm like, no, no, you memorize it. And if one little wire in your brain is sending you a different message. You're just about to build a day before on your own. Maybe that was what it was. It's lodged in there. Because I got one. I got to pay one on eBay now. Well, it's just funny 'cause it's just a wire crossing it, you know, and once you're once it's crossed, it's gonna stay crossed, tell you literally look down and go, oh, and I didn't even know I did it until a day or two after the race would the guy said something. Yeah, that's being that's The Rain man thing or the automatic pilot. Yeah. Tommy masks our guest. You mentioned the Hong Kong pick 6. Can I ask you about that? Yeah, anything you want. Yeah, so that was real. That was pretty early in the pandemic. Hong Kong was kind of one of the only tracks running at that time, right? Well, it was the only one that I actually left Florida that win and I decided I was going to retire that. I had enough money. I'm just going to set it down and the pandemic hit and I was real scared when it started. I didn't know what was happening. I was petrified actually. And I said to myself, you know, I know it's going to happen. I'm going to be bored at home. Netflix will last two days, and I'm going to start betting horses. And if I start betting everything that moves, I do not want to give up my I do not want to lose and I know I'll lose. So I thought about Hong Kong and two days a week and I go, you know what? And I just played the pick 6. Two days a week. That track takes on, it takes three days to handicap a card really, or even just 6 races. There's so much info that have there. But you know what, that's the path path forward from, as I'm going to play these two pictures a week and what I did was I reached out to Patrick Cohen to say Patrick, whenever you got a half an hour an hour connected to your brain, you said, yeah, but a lot of go Hong Kong he goes, oh, he goes, what about it? I go, well, I want to start playing it, but the website is overbearing. I go, can you guide me through it? And basically what he did is basically eliminate 80% of the website for me or helped me eliminate it because they do. I mean, they give you every piece of information. I mean, they give you what the horse weighs, and all that kind of stuff, right? You want it to look at everything. It took you a month. You only got a couple of days, right? And then the best thing with Patrick, he put me into the mind of the typical Hong Kong horse player. And me being a contrarian, that was very important, right? Everyone's going to play inside post positions. I'm looking at the 12 hole. That's just my nature. Yeah, I couldn't have done it without positive. That's for sure. Yeah, that's really, I love the idea of thinking, because yeah, I mean, you know, they have their own Russell bays over there, or which, you know, it's much, much different deal, but yeah, they have to have their own set of psyche as far as how they play the races and stuff. So that's really interesting. You know, for those who don't know Tommy took down the pick 6 in Hong Kong, I think it was 1.1 million plus. The funny part, I thought to the story was that you took kind of a sick beat in the opening leg, right? Oh, yeah, I had a horse that was like 35 to one like either a first time starter or a horse first time with raising found out the workouts or the barrier trials there. And I was dizzy, gave me an even worse than that, a race where I had 6 horses I found another horse, a Tony cruise horse that I watched his burial trials and I remember talking to Pattinson pot, I really like this horse. You've got to watch this replay. And this is when he goes to me, he goes, that horse is 50 to one. I go, I don't think she'll be 50 to one. He goes, no, he has 50 to one. But what do you mean he is 50 to one? I didn't know the odds were up like a day before, right? And I went from a single to 6 horses. And that was when like a piece on the night. Did you have some wind money on him at least? Yeah, yeah, I actually even hit the first wave bucket for now and I was still busy. Obviously, once the big sums before and you know, when the BC BC, I think it was 2015, but how do you react when you hit a number? I mean, I don't care how much money you have or don't have. Like, that's got to be an intense. Well, you don't know what it's going to pay, right? I was going to ask that was good stuff I was going to ask. Did they post the wheel page? You don't know what's going to pay. I'm sitting there like nothing. I know I'm going to make a hit. So I don't know if it's 40,050 thousand a 100,000. Yeah. That's what I'm paying in, right? And..

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