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More from seven hundred Sean Gallagher the Cincinnati African American firefighters association along with firefighters union local forty eight in the city fire department will hold a memorial service for her pain who was Cincinnati's first African American firefighter it will get underway Monday morning at eleven as a procession of firefighters will March from bond hill academy to the church of the resurrection at sixteen nineteen California Avenue Cincinnati mayor John Cranley another city leaders will be in attendance for the service Maine passed away while living overseas in the Philippines in February he was eighty three years old I'm John Gallagher newsradio seven hundred W. L. W. L. pay up your child's passed to school lunch bills or they could be put into foster care says a letter to parents in one school district in Pennsylvania a thousand parents in northeast Pennsylvania's Wyoming valley west school district got the letter school board V. P. David you savage I I could believe that that's what it says school admin Jill mused signed the letter and now says we kind of tone it down a notch district solicitor Charlie consulate doubles down saying he's made similar threats and truancy cases content is based upon law county children and youth services director Joanne vents on this to me is terrorizing children and families and it was just so unnecessary the school board V. pieces future letters will be less threatening by Pennsylvania law schools must provide meals school officials say a few hundred Bucks out of the twenty two thousand has been paid since the letter some anonymous donors have chipped in Chuck secrets of ABC news ready to make the dream of home ownership a reality thinking about buying a home best Friedman says now is a good time alors have calmed down about nine percent and their pricing and I think that's helped the market get more fluid into deals Friedman chief executive officer of New York City real towards brown Harris Stevens sellers mind sets have shifted they know they have to be negotiable now because it is a buyers market but she urges buyers not to take advantage of the situation to pick things that are the most important to them like the seller handling closing costs or upgrading appliances Terry Alden or ABC news news.

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