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I and i've been telling everybody i think they move the basis closer because be twenty years ago i never even thought about getting hit now the first thing i'm looking at that ball's coming off we've quick and i have slowed down a little bit i'm gone i'm going to get killed as a run out with a glove would just be give you mit and you can feel those of you pick it well you know if it's hit slow enough i can but i'm looking at that catchers gear every once in a while him got guys like long 'gorio in maceachin on gory excuse me and my coach and they get the bad head out there so those are the two guys it if i do get hit there going to get may be glad you're not that third base coach for the yankees because majid standin judge up there in your in your twenty feet away oh i thought about that when we were negotiating with stanton was getting a little nervous i was getting a little nervous but on the other side of that you know i talk to fill nevin just the other day i mean he's going to be shaken a lot of hand deal he doesn't have to worry online that any time just be real deep and make sure you don't get hit and shake hands with any old phil neville who we had last year is now than yankees third basically he's practicing his handshake that said that although rumour top murphy now we're talking about this i think this is the first spring we've been down here were boetsch hasn't that is little a folding chair down there behind the wheel here understandably right but i mean these kinds of things i guess you always have to keep an eye out forecast anybody any time really i think i think once augee got hit it really it really hit home here i'll how bad it is in other guys have been hit i've been hitting the kneecap one time but nothing to the extent that that he got here and i i think it's out of respect the him more than anything are all things you know what we're not going out there and i think it's a good thing i think it's better to stay in the dugout obviously we can interact with.

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