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Nation radio. This gene Fogel in the WJR stormcenter. The national weather service has issued a severe thunderstorm warning for Oakland County until three o'clock this afternoon. A severe thunderstorm is located near west Bloomfield or near Novi moving to the east of thirty five miles per hour. Sixty mile an hour gust of wind are possible quarter-sized hail, again a severe thunderstorm warning for Oakland County until three this afternoon. So VERA thunderstorm, warning also remains in effect for Wayne and washed. It off county and Livingston county until two fifty this afternoon. Stay tuned to WJR for all of the updates on the weather under-age smoking in vaping is a serious problem. One way to combat it raise the legal age to purchase from eighteen to twenty one about eighty percent of high school students. Turn eighteen before graduating, if they can legally buy tobacco, they can share with underage classmates raising the purchase age to twenty one reduces underage access. That's why do alab supports making twenty one plus the law nationwide. Learn more. At Joel dot com slash t twenty one to elapse for a dull smokers only paid for by Joel labs. Do you sell stuff online? Then you know what? A pain shipping can be. It's time consuming. It's expensive. It's a hassle until now. Introducing shifts station, the fastest easiest and most affordable way to get your products to your customers, whether you sell stuff on Amazon SE shop, affi-, or your own website with shift station. You can quickly ship, all orders from one easy to use dashboard, saving you a ton of time. There's even an easy to use mobile app, so you always have access. Plus, you'll save money with ship stations, deeply discounted rates from all the top carriers like USPS UPS FedEx in more, you can always choose the best carrier at the lowest rate for every package. It's no wonder ship station is rated number one by online sellers in right now. You can try ship station free for sixty days. That's right, free. Just go to shift station dot com and enter promo code talk. We guarantee ship station will make getting orders to your. Or customers.

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