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Donald Trump has said he will wait until after America's partial government shutdown is over at before delivering his state of the union address. The democratic speaker of the house had revoked an invitation to deliver it in the US congress because of the ongoing funding row from Washington. Chris Butler reports Donald Trump had talked about going ahead with his state of the union speech somewhere other than congress. But he says that no venue could compete with its history tradition and importance and that he will wait until the current partial government shutdown is over to deliver the address which seems to set out his goals and agenda for the year ahead. The president is locked in a battle with Democrats over his demands for five billion dollars to build a border wall with Mexico. Roy is left a number of government departments without funding and hundreds of thousands of federal workers not knowing when they will next get paid the Venezuelan leader Nikolas. Adora is facing ever deeper international isolation after neighboring countries joined the United States in recognizing Doha's the of the opposition as interim President, Mr Madurai Oded American diplomats to leave Venezuela. His Candice pit Nicolas Madura is facing. What could be his biggest challenge since he took over from his late mentor. Hugo Chavez five years ago. He won a second term in office last year, but most Venezuela neighbors in the US declared is a sham. The economy is in freefall GDP has since two thousand thirteen malnutrition has soared and millions of Australians have fled the country. Now, the opposition is back on the streets and seems to unified around a single leader the outgoing leader of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Joseph Kabila has urged citizens do you night behind Felix chickadee, the winner of the disputed presidential election, another opposition need Muslim for Gyula claims. The poll was rigged. Ripples later today on the presidential palace. Forty seven year old Joseph Kabila will hand over power to fifty five year old Felix Tshisikedi. It's a historic moment for the country's opposition who has been on the sidelines. Could decades addressing the nation. President could be said he had no regrets and cooled on Congolese to support his successor. Who he said could cool on him for advice at any time. Just a Katy takes office amid limited support nationally and internationally as downs remain about the accuracy of election results. Australia's defense minister says one of its citizens has been detained in China since last weekend is being held on the what's described as residential surveillance. Christopher Pyne who's visiting Beijing restated Australia's request for swift concert actress access to young June a Sydney-based writer who's a prominent critic of the authorities in Beijing. BBC news North Korea's leader, Kim Jong UN is quoted as being pleased with what was termed as President Trump's unusual determination to settle issues between the two countries. His remarks relayed by North Korean state media, come after he received a pass the letter from the president has the two men make preparations for second summit later next month. Talks between the warring factions and a Central African Republic due to get underway in neighboring Saddam today, the country has been caught up in ethnic and religious conflicts since the overthrow of president Francois disease in two thousand thirteen by Muslim rebels. The current government has limited power and swathes of the country are under the control of militias many have been accused of crimes against humanity. The former governor of the Indonesian capital Jakarta, Basuki, Ohio Bernama as free from prison after serving almost two years for blasphemy. Delighted group of supporters greeted the ethnic Chinese Christian as he left the charges against the former governor also known as a hawk sent it on a remark he made about his Muslim rivals using Karani verse to say that people should not vote for him because he was a non Muslim his case raised concerns about the growing influence of religious hardliners in Indonesia. Scientists have succeeded in using a hot water drill to cut a two kilometre deep hole through the Antarctic ice sheet to the underlying sediment. Jonathan Amos has the story. It's taken the British Antarctic survey years to perfect the technique in the west of the continent in a place known as the rut foot ice stream the team had to work fast as soon as they withdrew the hose the whole began to rephrase but the instruments the scientists succeeded in putting the ice bed. We'll tell them how the sheet moves across the underlying sediments. It's information that will be critical to computer models who tried to project the future state of Antarctica in a warming world BBC news. When the body.

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