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Chief announces his retirement. Good morning Jacqueline Scott in the KT. Oh, can you set? This is Oklahoma's first news bundle up this morning. Our forecast is coming up. Oklahoma City police chief Bill city says he's perfectly comfortable with his decision to retire from the police department starting may second is like I said, I was planning a Levy at some point. And it's just it's just the right time for for me for the department for the city nothing negative about it. He says he's leaving with the confidence that things will continue to improve and go forward. He's been police chief since two thousand three almost twenty people in Oklahoma had died from the flu for the two thousand eighteen two thousand nineteen influenza season. The Oklahoma State Department of health yesterday said that eighteen people have died since September since then there have been more than three hundred fifty hospitalization. Statewide, most of the deaths occurred in patients who were older than age sixty five no more outside lobbyists. Governor. Kevin Steph wants to put an end to state agencies hiring third party lobbyists to push their agenda. He's ordered state agencies to submit a list of every outside lobbyists hired since two thousand fifteen and how much those lobbyists have been paid a state house. Bell would end daylight savings time in Oklahoma. It would let Oklahoma opt out of the uniform time act of nineteen sixty six house Bill eleven seventeen authored by Republican state Representative Kevin west who represents Moore Oklahoma City and valley brook staffers at the Oklahoma City zoo say a sixteen year old male mountain lion was euthanized on Wednesday. Zoo officials say the lion named hunter had been treated for arthritis and kidney issues since two thousand fifteen. He recently started having trouble standing and walking..

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