David Stockman, Stock Market discussed on Rich Dad Radio Show


Trump a nation on the brink of ruin and how bring it back the great reformation the corruption of capitalism america and his website is david stockman's contra cornercom our whole company subscribes to it as bunch of other newsletters because we don't want to listen to fake news and liars and it was try this whole programme is how you know a politician of lying when their lips of moving they'll say anything anything just to get you to believe them so that's why like david stockman he is the office of the budget and rich dead the rich dead company is about inc of statements and balance sheets and can you read them and as you know most people aren't most people don't even have one and we wonder why you're in trouble comments kim yeah you know one thing i would recommend is with david statement i would listen to the show again and again and again there was a on a ton of information and one thing when we talk about fake news and real news uh david has the axe and when i'm watching all these financial ramparts shift he sees what's really going on because when i'm watching all these these news programs and while the politician saying everything's great the economies up the gdp is up unemployment is down and he saying hey wait wait wait wait that's not what's really happening so you guys really got a wake up and i really recommend listening to the show again and again as david said the three things right now to do in his wrecked in his recommendation number one get out of the stock market number to invest in gold and number three he said keep your powder dry meaning keep cash great or the radar audio you should be ready for what's coming.

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