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Awesome. Awesome. You just got roasted by Gilbert. Awesome. Even better who wants to go. You know what let's make. Let's make the mango. I never thought would roast you. Okay. Ron run Sears guy. No. Your chief financial officer tire company has never said a poor word about anybody. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Ron Sears. Hey, no, poor worse to share here either. But we've got some ones Doug is one of the wealthiest men. I know and much of his wealth comes from frugality. In fact, Doug is so frugal once he was washing his car with his daughter after a while she asked do you think we could use a sponge instead? Such a great kid. In fact, she has gone off to college, and he feels a great emptiness in his life specifically in his checking account. And hey, speaking of dogs Bank account. Did you know Doug may ten million dollars last year? And bless this, man. He donated a quarter of it to charity. That's awesome. Now, he only has nine million nine hundred nine nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine dollars and seventy five cents. The other day man knocked on Doug door and ask for a small donation towards the local swimming pool. Doug, gave him a glass of water such a giver. Now, you know, Doug really enjoys the casino. He often tells me to that money talks. But all I hear his money. Say is goodbye. For real though, Doug, it's been a huge blessing to know you and be closely associated with you. I really appreciate your larger than life persona your positive energy, really fills a room. I've witnessed some incredible acts of kindness and generosity that most people have no awareness of. And that's really added to my respect for you. I wish you an amazing forty eighth year. And hope it is full of meaning and success. Happy birthday. Doug. Thank you. On the jokes. I wrote the last part. All right. Your partner from Mr. Damon lines worried about. Well, you should be. I don't know if this is the end everything right here. Could be be nice. Yeah. I mean, Doug. It's. Pointed the microphones eat. It's good to see your health is so important days vitamins. Exercise could sleep in fact, ducks nor so loud that he scares everyone in the car while.

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