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We said we have to get really good at in this new type of media environment in order to help people make better decisions and execute on those actions and the first one was he said okay look we have to look across the entire media spectrum so we have to bring everything from social media traditional media intelligence and one things that always fascinated me and was really important for us as a company is to be able to see how stories traveled so for example a couple years ago we did a study where we found one of the most powerful news cycles were stories as started social media bounced up into local television bounced up into national newspapers and bounce up international television right by the time it gets national television i mean that's stories baked there's not a lot you can do about it right so that's a really important element now that's changed just in the past couple of years and we'll talk about that the second thing is we said okay look we got to see all this happening in real time because everything's moving that fast we it's a bill an infrastructure for platform we can feed all those data streams down a real time processing pipeline to analyze it and all of the relevant ways and the third thing we said all right then we're talking about millions of data points coming in really fast we gotta really nail how this is visualized so in a split second even if there are millions data points the end user can say okay this is what's important in this is what's not so we went and we hired a guy from the jet propulsion laboratory who is doing data visualization for the mars rover lander his job was taking data off of mars and visualizing it for nasa sure and we said all right let's take that same concept and now do that for media data points those are those are proton rocket guy to get a rocket science all kinds of points of information and data to make a cogent argument about whatever's happening or cogent exactly snapshot and what's happening with there's lots of dashboard that everyone has it we have a social media dashboard we have this this is working this is not wearing this headlines working this is not but this is more sentiment and everything else correct yeah it's everything i mean there are dozens of ways of slicing and dicing is probably hundreds and so you can really see what does the environment look like and how do you take action on that so we work a lot with large corporations large enterprises to be able to see that we actually started off in politics and sort of transition which has at twitchy effect which but everything's twitchy now right i would say that is the world that we live in so you do this for corporations and it's just meeting until like this is what's trending more than that it's like this is what's trending it's this is the impact of this this is who's doing it this is where it's coming from this is the sentiment about whether it's negative positive or neutral exactly so it's what's accelerating but then it's also okay well are my key message is getting across brand health right house my ceo being perceived or or those messages resonating is who are the best people to go out there and be influencers who are the other influencers need to be aware of right so it's pretty it's very broad in terms of all the different types of use cases you can have and those customized for those corporate that's what they're supposed to do with it because they were aware of these things but haven't been paying attention as much as they should have i would say one thing that i learned in my political days is if you can't measure it it's almost impossible to manage.

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