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And I don't want to hear any more of this stuff about cold weather, Cabrera he doesn't like to call weather or you don't. Who's been them? Yeah. They've ever yesterday or yesterday think Andy Dirks did it. Good job and the prices dead, and of course, soda Petri. Oh that was that Andy Andy Dirks, okay? Remember Andy Dirceu earlier in the decade? Yeah. He was going to be pretty good. But he had that problem that ended his career thorough. Remember Johnny casino of twins. I think was a seventy nine rookie of the year. That's what happened to him the third baseman. Yeah. Oh, by the way is James Drury still alive. Who the heck is James at Virginian humor and the western oh, I don't I never watched it Virginian much. Yeah. Well, if he's still alive he would have been eighty field. He'll eighty five on Thursday. Good for him to walk out, western not, why do you think I'm called cowboy? Yeah. Well, I guess so you remember my my grandfather was a good friend of Harry carries. Not the broadcast, Harry. Carey the. Oh, yeah. Yeah. The the cowboy. Harry, Harry Carey good, Freddie. The Cowboys Harry Carey. Yeah. The fifties. Well, Kim Harry Carey die while he was dining with his wife, and he had a heart attack. I don't happen. But I would have been the last person see him, but we were supposed to have dinner two days before he died, but I had to come back to Detroit. It you hear about Chet copy the other day. Yeah. I heard oh, I couldn't believe that. I never met online. You know? I guess it happened one day at the library. And I thought on Thursday. Yeah. I don't know. For a lot of years, and we'll be seventy five or seventy four or something like that. I think seventy. L E would only seven I think that's what I read. I don't know. Yeah. That was that was that was kind of awful, and I guess the bucks will put them pistons all their busy Monday night. I gotta go see one game. And I don't want to go tonight. Not going to get till the start of the game. William Matt, Matt. How far away your buddy Milt Wilcox is sixty nine today. Yeah. Good for him. Do you do you remember when he retired twenty six white box on April fifteenth nineteen Eighty-three in Jerry, Hairston senior Jerry Hairston used to kill the Tigers. Oh, I know. I know I remember a lot of things about Milwaukee. Cock some good some bad. But. Millwall Cox say, shall we say imbiber what somebody who liked to them, you know, drink quite a bit? I don't know about that. Some other things, but I don't know about drinking. I'm heard that. Well, who's your six o'clock guests, no guests open line tomorrow vulture? Yeah. Vulture? Yeah. Yeah. What was the thirteen in one with the sixty six dodgers? I don't know what he. Oh, he team. You know, run from about nineteen fifty to sixty six they used to use..

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