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Tony Ferguson, Michael Johnson Habib, Habib Ali discussed on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani


After no again I read these verbatim after knowing for quite some time that Tony next we finally get a date and it's the F.. Spring didn't even actually. It's the African spring. They didn't put a question mark. Dare I say and hopefully not jinx it this this just gives both men more time to get injured. What are your thoughts on this choice? Also the involvement of Ali abilities and his games in the negotiations. I don't know a game plan because I haven't spoken to olive personally about it. But I did speak to him at the dominance media day and he said I I just engage. You could skip over Tony Ferguson. Like I'm like I know like no one should fight. It'll be before Tony Ferguson. Even when the lead up to gauge versus ceremony both fighters were asked. Like who's next after this fight for the title. They're like Tony Ferguson. Like are you kidding me. Like he's the last last time Tony Ferguson loss women weren't even in the UFC like this is the first time two to ten plus five win streaks are fighting for champion fighting in the UFC. Like I got it's GonNa. I'M GONNA tear my hair out if people want if someone to me goes. I think just engages if I have. Tony liked or better yet. I had people saying Tony Ferguson should fight just engaging I'm like you're stupid like no. Tony Ferguson has to fight you should have already fought. That'd that'd be but What do you think about the timing of the fight is ever going to happen I've been on record many time on this show saying I'm I'm going to leave this? What happens until they're actually in the octagon and then I bet we at UC to forty four situation or like Sarojini Ferguson situation? where it's it's like a cut or blown I or something like that? I think the worst case scenario every single fight. I don't know where you stand on this. But it's the time finally really now for Habib versus Tony Ferguson. Well if you're going to do it in Brooklyn I prefer you do it in April. I'd rather not have it in January or February because it could be ice on the ground on the sidewalks some snow on the ground and they could slip and fall. I don't want any of that stuff. I don't want anything at all to get in the way of this fight to build up with you said about not believing until you see it like to quote the Great Michael Scott from the office Fumi one strike one. Fool me twice strike three like so many times we've been bought into this thing bubble. Wrap them all you want right but again this fights not done yet like all on all accounts. It's not done. Tony Ferguson is not signed that contract yet so before we get to two excited we gotta wait for that. To happen. Happened the timing. You do that fight anytime anywhere at this point and obviously I believe. I'm not sure if you were you covered. UFC to await in Brooklyn where you're there for that guard. Yeah I was out there for that card. Okay so just Brooklyn is the perfect place for Habib if it's not in Russia or Dhabi. Because they did A. QNA oneday Sunday during the buildup to USC to await in this community in Brooklyn russian-central and that like it was such a mob-scene for Habib showed up right before it was rafted. The for the the Ferguson fight that year for two oh nine was announced so he goes in there he does this Q. and A. and they just mobbed him. I mean there's such a contingency of of Habib vans in that area so it is the perfect place to to host this fight if you're GONNA do it in the United States because Habib's can have a lot of a a lot of support. A lot of people coming out from the building is going to be absolutely electric And then Tony Ferguson will thrive off that. That's the stuff that he's made up he's just a wacky guy like that he wants is to be the away team. He wants to be the hated guy so he'll love that But again I'm with you until Bruce Buffer announces them and they have the face off. The referee says let's go and the first punches thrown van. I'll actually believe it's happening. It's like Nick Diaz coming back and fighting in the UFC until that happened till like. Let's go in the first punches thrown. I don't believe it's ever going to happen. It will never happen beaver. Studying will never happen. I'm GONNA say that until I'm blue in the face because I believe in reverse reverse psychology Now that said that I've probably jinxed it but I've been I've been there on the scene for most of their schedules actually all of their scheduled flights and they've all thought apart part but honestly I had this thought the other day when when I was when this when this whole situation whereas oh toy Habib Ali put the the picture outta be signing it and he's like like sign your and big boy or something like that. Is this all like the fight. God's just playing a game with us because doesn't it seem like this fight is bigger than ever now now we have two guys on the two long streaks. They've the with the two of them combine. They've basically cleaned out the the division like Tony Ferguson has in everyone. They've put in front of him late like since his philosophy Michael Johnson Habib's being everyone these point in front of them. He's undefeated needed. Is this just if they had fought on that was they were this fight. Tampa Bay Orlando. Aren't they on that that that Fox card or something like that. That fell L.. Apart when they Tony Ferguson was like coughing blood or something. That fight wouldn't have been as big a deal then and then they were supposed to fight at USC. Two Oh nine but I believe it was for the the interim title or something like that and then it fell apart and then they were supposed to fight in Brooklyn at UC two twenty three and then the connor situation really made Habib a a bigger star. Did it not one hundred percent definitely. So it's this now the perfect time is this storm arm of chaos now granted us the biggest fight we could put together because now this is obviously a bigger deal than it ever was before is this. It's all just a ruse by the guts to give us the biggest fight in lightweight history as a parent. I can say this and it's a good comparison when your kid does something over and over again you say like this is the last chance this is your last chance I promise you and you say that over and over and over again you still end up giving him what he wants like twenty minutes later this literally the last chance that people are going to buy into this like you can't do this again. This is it so it is peaked as much as a candidate point. And if this thing and falls apart again like even if Tony Ferguson says no I don't like the deal I'm not signing it. I'm not signing de like. That's it the only other idea you can do it. I thought this brilliant. I think you said this. A couple of years ago is that you don't even announce his fights happening like you tell both competitors the fights happening and then you build it up. Let them train and then like a day before. Say Hey for fifteen dollars. You can watch Tony Ferguson. Habib Noriega made off tomorrow on. UFC fight pass like this is how it works. Like don't tell anybody don't jinx it just announce it the day before four and then just let it happen like I'd rather see that happen than building up for another five months like that's a lot of a lot of time to worry about and to your friend Jessica. Because I do. Do you watch the show if you're going to send Christmas to anybody. Send all the crystals to Habib Tony Ferguson. This point like whatever magic whatever things we could do with these crystals like glitch send that power to then to everybody else around us. Maybe all the anime fans to keep a condo. This whole thing. I have all the crystals around me. I got my crystals right here. I'm GonNa be I'm just GONNA be people listening in here that I'm just rolling my crystals in my hands but this isn't a situation where it's always one fighter wider getting her. Both fighters are equally at fault. Here like Tony Ferguson. Like was like had like a punctured lung or coughing blood or something like Habib blew his knee out or some and then Habib like passed out miss cutting way the day before a twenty first trips on a wire on the Fox like this is both men. It's not like one. One Fight Fighters Curse Curse Ladies and gentlemen. Were all cursed and as my former colleagues on the side is very much on the Tony. Ferguson is going to win this fight fight. I believe me and hammer agreement that whoever wins this fight is the greatest lightweight whoever lived. I don't think it's really a debate right now. I think the default answer for a long time as bent. BJ Penn hand. But that's simply because the lightweight division has been so competitive that there really hasn't been a long standing champion outside of Japan and the CONOR McGregor winning and holding up the division for so long kind of put a damper on that but this is the biggest in terms of. I don't even care if there's a crowd I just WanNa Watch this fight. This is just high level martial arts at its finest. This is up there with like. There's there's no comparison Harrison. This is the best fight. This is the most highest skills by I can think of that. We're going again. Two Thousand Twenty one but it doesn't matter because we're not GONNA get it. We're never going to get this right. We're GONNA stop talking talking about it real quick because the more we talk about more of a chance. They'RE GONNA they're gonNA fall apart. No I don't believe in the secret I think. The secret is the dumbest thing in the whole wide world. But I believe in putting putting off negative energy into the world and jinxing degrades lightweight fight ever and I'm just GonNa convince myself that those four failed fights or all just building up to this moment. This everything happens reason. Jose happens for a reason and I can pray and pray all I want but it will never it happened but we're going to move right along because the more we talk about it the less likely that by what happened. You exceed lackluster schedule. From Rob Robin G Eighty seven the only events look forward to is stacked UC to forty five besides that there are not many events worth mentioning for a long time one on. I believe that's like seven does have you encountered periods like this. Where you almost where they're not almost no big? UC events for a couple of months. Seems like a new thing to me at at least the last couple of years is this a sign of us changing its vision of big events or is this a one off. WHY DISAGREE ON FIGHT ON NO BIG EVENTS COMING UP I love loved Poussin cars specifically for the man I think that whole fight card is worth it for that made between the Korean Zombie? Brian Ortega last I saw the odds. Were dead even it was like minus one forty forty five miles one forty five or something like that. That's about as close as you can get that's violent martial-arts at it's finest and then you've got that January firewood supposedly connors coming up looking less likely the closer we get and then we got Dominick Reyes John Jones in February. A Shoe Kagins on that card to even that January colleague. macy bar fights Roxanne modifier. I believe Anthony Pat his fights dig for head on that card. So there's good fights coming up if you're just talking about just the rest of twenty.

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