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We'll get it at their own forty yard line in the shotgun district with a first and ten at his side is Jordan. Howard shotgun snap. He drops back free throw down the middle. It's incomplete. Leaping attempt to catch at the thirty five yard line downfield by Gabriel is out of his reach even a leaping attempt could not steer that high pass. It's second down and ten for Chicago. Love the play. Call little play action there to hold the linebackers. And we talk about the Seattle one deep or three d were one safety in the middle. Earl Thomas back there, and they attacked both seems one on both sides of him. Tried to hit Taylor. Gabriel to the left side of Earl Thomas had him wide open. They're right on the numbers and just sailed that. One colon becomes a wide receiver to the nearside. Howard is off the tip of the Chicago quarterback for Bisky and begun shutting down ten from the Chicago. Forty yard line. Shotgun snap turns line throw at the belt high catch by. Robinson falling at the forty five fall talk. Outstretched arm goes to the forty eight of Chicago on the numbers across the way and picks up nine to the sideline in Hobart cash. Kevin Matt Nagy likes to come into a game with the first fifteen to twenty plays scripted last week. I nineteen plays one hundred and forty seven yards then as Kurt alluded to their next forty seven plays just one hundred forty nine yards. There are thirteen now. And soon to go off script right on that bears logo. Third down in one moving right to left in the gun again Trubisky flanked by the back to receivers to the nearside nickel. Secondary for Seattle. The shotgun snap the Trubisky the pitch out as he runs the option. It's brought by Howard runs to the far sideline after he got the pitch and games about a yard. So now it'll be third down in one fourth in one for the Chicago Bears fourth and one right near midfield Kirk. And I love that point that that helped just made about the script the first fifteen the first twenty because that's something. A quarterback. You can go back and study day in and day out when the coach gives it to you. So you prepare for every scenario where it gets hard is now when you get off script, and you're just.

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