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With you let's get to it it is time for going deep whether the brewers are winning or losing a player is on a hot streak or slumping there's always a reason why here's this week's in depth look at the current state of the brewers as we go Gee all right so that intro light do you a little bit because we're not actually going to do a brewer centric going deep here wanna touch on something that happened earlier today Major League Baseball issuing a suspension to New York Yankees pitcher demean go are mine it is an eighty one game suspension he is going to get credit for time served essentially for missing some of the end of our last season and also the post season so he's going to end up missing the first is sixty three games of the twenty twenty season as part of this eighty eight one eight game suspension according to a report from Yahoo sports he allegedly slapped his girlfriend who is the mother of at least one of his children following a charity gala put on by cece's about the a last September there have been some reports out there that a member of the commissioner's office office sol this altercation take place now there were no criminal charges brought against mon and there is no video no physical evidence against him either and the eighty one game suspension is the longest suspension that Major League Baseball has levied under the domestic violence policy in absence of formal charges in the legal system overall it is the fourth longest handed down under this policy Padres pitcher Jose Torres got a hundred games of twenty eighteen Phillies outfielder tubal Herrera got eighty five games to finish out last season and the Braves Hector Olivera serving at eighty two games in twenty.

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