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Even if it hurts to here john gibson it is john gibson look it's hard to do um it's hard to put it all together there was such a in a during during trump's campaign for in the primary a he said a lot of these things you know when protesters stood up at his rallies and these things have followed him around and there were people who were like oh what trump wants to fight great i'll fight you because you're a trump supporter in you know just felt entitled to to do awful brutal things to people because they happen to have on trump had or trump shirt or some such thing and and and in some cases like back there in san jose in july of 2016 oh we we know that some of those people out there were paid to organize of these protesters who turned into gangs beating people up but then it really exploded november night no question just went through the the ruf because he won in in their rage the left has felt that they can escalate escalate and escalate challenge people personally punched them out specially their weaker of just just pick on them and then these riots in which the anti show up with their masks in there dressed in black and they can't be identified because their faces obscured and they do things like swing a buy kalac on people crack and their heads opened that guy was a professor the one who using the bike lock ushaped by clocks steel by clock as a weapon in he's been charged and will stand trial of there eh culminating in a in in in this shooting at the baseball.

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