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Are giving you guys thirty dollars off circle home plus right now so all of you listeners of mine you will get thirty dollars off of circle home plus when you visit meet circle dot com slash brandy and enter Brandy B. R. A. N. D. I. AT checkout so you're getting thirty dollars off when new visit meet circle dot com slash brandy and enter brandy at checkout but remember this is a limited time podcast exclusive offer. It's the biggest discount they've ever offered and all you have to do is go to meet circle Google dot com slash randy enter brandy to save thirty dollars on this machine that will change your life and it's the size of a little bigger than a Rubik's Rubik's cube. Does that make sense. I'm I'm so old school that I'm comparing the size to a Rubik's cube so if you can understand down what I'm saying this will make your life managing your kids life online so much easier okay so people. I know. This is exciting news because I'm doing my twenty five percent more on social media. Are you ready. Yes guess what are you doing. I am going to be drinking into reading on my own youtube channel so subscribe now Brandy Glam Ville. It won't start until August something thing but if you subscribe now the Neal be ready for it so I it's GonNa be so fun. We're GONNA be drinking and tweeting and reading first book drinking and tweeting and once you subscribe I think on Youtube. You probably don't know this but you have to turn on your I think post notification so then it notifies you when video comes on Oh good to know I did not know that they knew every day twenty five percent twenty five percent and doing it and doing it and doing it. Well Okay and also brandy has like kind of a weird U._R._l.. Right now so what does that mean that's like the name like YouTube dot com slash blah blah blah blah blah so since it's weird right now until she customizes it you can find the link in the show notes Okay I. I got work to do already starting for this. It'll be really cute. Yeah Right. We do make up. Yes I will does it actually have to get ready because we're just not just do hair and makeup do all we have to go to the van. Nuys swap meet to get some hair. We'll do that a to doubt for it. I tried to get you to go to forever twenty one with me but you are moving all right whatever I have a motherfucker Haiku. Let's get it get get it going in Kobe Bryant Kobe Bryant. Where are you sit down and listen to my fucking Haiku? Where's Kobe Bryant is he? Just being defiant. The kids are waiting for you so get your fucking see them. Thanks for listening to Brandi Glanville unfiltered download new episodes every week and if you haven't already subscribe and be sure to leave us a rating and review and while you're at it check out some of the other great shows available on Straw hut media it's so this is really good. It's in a can. It's called Bev and it's easy to find in tastes great. I'm very extra drinking it right now. Love it gets a single glass of wine line right and who doesn't love what I love. I can personally because I left it through the cat around do that but I think these girls have Menez are down. Get it like they get it. It's hard to be us. Girls like wine and don't want to buy a giant bottle right right so these are sort of females are being cans that are really good ruin right now and you don't throw it to my new house makes.

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