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Tiny square that's colored a newspaper shade of grace. That has you thinking yellow as the words read liberty, Utah customize your insurance. So you only pay for what you need. Now. That's the kind of print ad that'll make you glad you still read newspapers. Go to Liberty Mutual dot com for a customized quote, and you could save. Coverage is underwritten by Liberty Mutual insurance company and affiliates. Equal housing if you are behind on your bills, then this message is for you. How would you like to have a large portion of your credit card debt or medical bills forgiven? National credit card relief would like to give you free information on a proven debt-forgiveness program. It's not bankruptcy. It's not consolidation. This special program actually wipes clean the portion of your debt that is forgiven. Call for your free forgiveness information now eight hundred two nine one six six seven zero that's eight hundred two nine one six six seven zero. Don't wait. Call eight hundred two nine one six six seven zero not available in North Dakota. Folks. This is Hake. Albert, owner of BBC lady. Now is the time to visit my store and see all the new styles in ceiling fans, weather, maybe nasty, cozy and comfortable inside are huge showroom. You'll see all the latest styles for the new year. Whether it's contemporary traditional or the industrial. Look, we have all the finest lighting lamps and ceiling fans on display we carry every major brand. And I guarantee the lowest prices even lower than the internet. Lampshades or repairs? You need we do all that too. We even service what we sell this something for everyone at BBC included antiques. Collectibles, fun for the kids that are famous free popcorn. Did you see is open every day, and it's conveniently located at twentieth in Saint Paul avenue across some sober men's near the puddle outta casino..

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