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We tend to Pakistan now whose parliament was planning to hold a vote of no confidence this weekend in the country's prime minister Imran Khan, Imran Khan came to power in 2018 with promises to create a Naya Pakistan. But we'll explain that in a moment, but has been widely blamed for huge rises in the cost of living, and his political life lies in the balance. But at the last moment, Pakistan's president dissolved parliament, and I'm joined now by the South Asian politics expert Aisha sudika, Aisha is a research associate at psoas. The South Asia institute. Good morning, Asia. Good morning. So what happened? Because what happened this weekend took everybody by surprise. Oh my God, that is very crazy. I mean, nobody was expecting this, but he did not expect it, which is drag the country further into a constitutional crisis. So against article 58 of 1973 constitution, which doesn't allow the president to dissolve the assemblies on advice of the prime minister against tumor no confidence, motion has been presented. The prime minister adviser and the president with his body man dismissed the assemblies. So now we have a constitutional crisis. The opposition has gone to the Supreme Court challenging the challenge decision and everybody awaits the decision now. What's so wrong with him rankine's prime ministership that it's come to this? Well, he is not, you know, he'd always claimed that he was not a politician and people didn't take it seriously. He is actually a man of narratives. He does propaganda very well. He can build stories. He can, you know, he can take the take the people in an alley and show them the things that he could do that others are all wrong. He's the only right man. And there was an expectation that perhaps from his supporters at least that he will build a cleaner Pakistan, whether it be less corruption, there will be things will be economy will do better. And the country's image will improve abroad. But he failed on all counts. He had a bad team, inflation, which has risen steeply in the last 6 months has really hit people, the cost of living has increased. People are hurting, and he has failed to manage on every count. Every time he goes out to speak, his only thing is only messages don't worry all deliver. And he fails to deliver. This weekend's events took everybody by surprise, but one thing that Imran Khan was doing was trying to involve the United States as having something to do with all these problems. Could you explain that for us? You know, this has happened before. Pakistan's another populist prime minister is when he was being pushed out by the military general then. He claimed that there was a conspiracy to kill him and the Americans that. And well, that was in a way was a true story. Henry Kissinger had threatened what a drop the nuclear program. Or he would be made to suffer. Now, this one is concocting that story is claiming that he's copying that design and he's saying that he was threatened that the American government, the assistant Secretary of State, the central lens South Asia, had visited his ambassador in Washington and threatened him regarding Imran Khan that and that Americans are trying to do a regime change. Force a regime change in Pakistan..

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