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I'm friends with James went in front of Kristen. And it was just like I used to be that. And now I I actually actually do. last season. I think. Exactly. And so it's like we're still new into this season. So people thought of you is from last season with the TV stuff and everything. And again, never know what you're going to see, but I will say there's a huge shift in from what you saw season with me to what you'll see throughout this season. Any to remind myself. It is a very long season is a very long summer. We will be on air for probably half a year. I don't even know how many episodes we have. But it's a lot. So I'm just trying to stay patient. Have my sacks for my stress relief. Not let whatever saying to me. Even like, the interviews like things that these ditching just flip flop on foot flopping, and then just Arianna made a comment that hurt my feelings. But I'm like, you know, what I wanna point out too is I lived in Las Vegas for half a year. I did kind of remove myself from everyone in LA Janet included genitive waiver by like. Happy. Now, I'm leaving you I needed to go into twenty eighteen by myself single, just doing me and focusing on me, and anyone who is a good friend of mine. Understood that like came to visit Vegas. So fun like Arianna made a comment on. I think it was like episode three where she says, we know like Gallic stopping are cool. But like, she didn't I don't really hang out any more. But doesn't say why it's because I lived somewhere else for half a year. So like, I did separate myself. We did not fall out of a friendship, but we weren't as close because I wasn't around other than coming here. Once a week to do my podcast. I didn't see anybody from half years. So naturally, I wasn't as big a part of the group. But I needed that time for me to just focus on myself into just kind of regroup after being through what felt like a divorce break-up at the exact same time. How much of that is our Yana being unscreened, and she has to comment on the other cast, right?.

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