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And anywhere else you stream so I made a trip to Los Angeles fairly last minute fairly unexpectedly about a week ago about a week and a half ago just had come from there and turned around and went right back for some stuff at the new Sirius Xm studio and one of the shows that I did there and we're able to pull together sort of real last minute was a show with Stephen Pierce of rat Dave Navarro of Jane's addiction together now unfortunately this kind of stuff doesn't happen all that much most of the time when artists do interviews as as you may even know them like I do when it comes to these guys they still WanNa do stuff for under the advice of their handlers they wanna do stuff that time they've got a release or something to promote and honestly up sorry I'm just dropping stuff here honestly that that's pretty maddening because it's so many of these guys who just great rock fans it's just so much fun to just have them kick it and hang out and talk and tell stories you don't always need to have that thing to have to sell in that pressure to sell it's fun to just hang and when you get the opportunity you that it's always a lot of fun and that's exactly what you're about to hear was pierce and Navarro knew each other I don't think extremely well and what happened was I tweeted out that Stephen and Dave we're both going to be on the show and then they started tweeting Charles that they'd like to do a song together and we had some fun and at the end of the interview they played an acoustic take of lack of communication and unfortunately due to the rules of podcasting and publishing we will not be able to air that portion for you but that's all the more reason well you should be a Sirius. XM subscriber if you're not already in the US and Canada and listen to trunk nation everyday live or on the replay or on the APP because you will get the applete interviews each and every day and obviously musical performances when we have them so this was a lot of fun this happened completely organically the idea of them just hanging out in the studio telling stories Dave Navarro Stephen Pierce E. together really was a blast and you'll get to hear that conversation on this week Eddie Trunk podcast so let's get to it because it's a fun one and not a lot to tell you here at the top but want to get you to this interview because I think you're GONNA end joy it coming up next the trump by gassed it has always I want to give a big thank you for listening to the Eddie Trunk podcast and look I know you're being bombarded by who are always asking for you to give surveys or customer feedback and all that be honest with you I find it very annoying myself but I'm asking you now it's me asking you I don't ask you very often here's the deal we'd like to ask a small important favor of you it only takes a few minutes and if you're one of the first people to do podcast one we'll make it worth your time literally do we need you to complete a very short survey because.

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