Saturday Kelly, President Trump, Canada Kelly discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


I'm Carmen Roberts. Fox news. The R&_B star has a date with a judge Saturday Kelly reported to a Chicago police precinct short time go to face charges of having sex with underage girls. Kelly could be looking at seventy years in prison. Kelly whose real name is Robert Kelly was charged today with ten counts of aggravated sexual abuse involving four victims three of them between the ages of thirteen and seventeen r Kelly's attorney say the allegations are blatantly false Kelly was acquitted on child pornography charges in two thousand eight trace Gallagher. The owner of the New England Patriots as tangled up in a sex charge of a different sort police in Florida charge Robert Kraft with soliciting prostitutes person, Trump reacting very sad. I was very surprised to see it. He's proclaimed his innocence totally and I price to say police in Jupiter, Florida say the owner of the world champion. Patriots is one of twenty five people swept up in an investigation into human trafficking at a south Florida spa. Business craft is not charged in any of the trafficking crimes. President Trump says he plans to nominate a current ambassador to take over for the US at the United Nations. He tweeted Friday he wants us embassador to Canada Kelly night craft to head the post. The announcement comes after X State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert is a former Fox News anchor withdrew herself from consideration citing family concerns and the US a defense official says the Pentagon plans to send one thousand more troops to the southern border next week. I'll bring the total to nearly six thousand active duty and national guard personnel. This House Democrats prepared to vote next week to block the president's declaration of a national emergency to build a wall with Mexico. This is Fox.

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