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Debuted 20 years ago as of yesterday, I think Thursday. He is back with a new show and it was very funny. He said something on Twitter like, I don't want anyone to get alarmed, but we own the city is very much about how the drug war is bad. I was like, okay, so it's in line with everything else that you've done. This is very much in keeping with the rest of your work. But it's very good. It's kind of interestingly structured in terms of how the timelines of it work. It basically follows the it follows a corruption investigation into Baltimore city cops that took place a few years back. But it also, it starts 15 years before that back in 2002 and follows characters played by John bernthal as he rises up through the Baltimore city ranks and kind of. Okay, that's on my list. We own this. Now, have you heard about industry set in the city for London, the financial sector? That got recognized. I don't know this one. Well, I'll start with we own the city. How many episodes are there in we own the city? It's only 6, if only 6 episodes, an hour each. So it's only 6 hours, as far as the TV shows go, it's pretty, it's pretty quick. And it is one that actually I'm opposed to the binging model generally, but the way, again, that this show is structured just in terms of timelines and kind of overlapping stories and trying to keep track of what's what. I think it actually helps to watch three episodes that are whack. HBO Max. It's on HBO Max on HBO. Sunny bunch, I want to thank you and remind people that Sonny has two podcasts, the movie aisle, and the bulwark goes to the movie. You ought to be following sunny at the easy to remember Sonny bunch and it's why, not sunny bunch. And he'll be back next week to tell us about Jurassic. Are you going to go see Jurassic Park this week? I am not sure. I may have to take next week off as my wife is going to be out of town next week and getting to the theaters with two children. Not possible. We'll see. Quick question for you. Do you like the trailers? Yeah, I mean, I like these movies, mostly. So do I find it? I mean, I don't know. They're okay. I like Chris Pratt, and I like diced their 5 of them, I think. There are 5 yes, there are 5 Jurassic movies. There's the three dress parks announced now three Jurassic World. So this will be number 6. All right. Franchise, the franchise. Thank you, sunny bunch. I want to remind you that our sponsor is Andrew and Todd dot com. There was Sierra Pacific. They lend you money to refinance your house or buy a home or help your son or daughter become investors in real estate by becoming a non occupying co borrower. They help senior citizens with reverse mortgage. They help veterans with no money down mortgages. They help you refinance. So if you need to get money out of your house or you need a whole new house, go to Andrew and Todd dot com or call them a triple-A triple-A 1172. Join down by the poet laureate of the Hugh Hewitt show. Good morning Joe. Hello, Hugh. Well, it's interesting week hard to explain hard to understand, but we give it a try. It's said that in November, the left won't know what hit them. It seems that they lack common sense with them. But in a wicked world like ours were common senses lacking, it's going to take a whole lot more to send incumbents backing. For as I work to pen my poem to meet this morning's deadline, I could see only senselessness in each and every headline. A man in midst of lying and lying is a crime and though the reasons crystal clear he won't do any time. The courts in California have served us up this dish for purposes of climate of B is now a fish. Gases on affordable. Our policies to blame to mitigate the problem we'll just do more of the same. One in four are short we're headed in the wrong direction, but no one in The White House sees the need for course correction. It's crisis after crisis and that is the crises mount. We seem to lack the will to hold our leaders to account. So if you like the way things run and go right on doing what you've done, if you want our world improving, get on up and go get moving. That's common.

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