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We see Ron Clark perform in this episode to reach their right down a number. Let me know when you when you flock did how many dance booze it. Brian clark. Performing this episode Liana I needed number. I'm just trying to do. My Julie impression. I need a number. Okay. I'm lockton. All right. I have a number. I okay. Yep. Liana? What did you say fifteen? Okay. Alley. I wouldn't conservative ice in five. Well, it was thirty three. Onto a rousing start. God. How did I come back from this start adding eighteen point silly autos and twenty eight point Sally score? Get you want to aim the low here. Let's see if we can move on dance our way into the next question here, we mentioned the Aubrey stuff beforehand. How many times did Aubrey say the word dialogue? Okay. I'm locked in. I'm often. What do you think alley? I said twelve okay. Liana? Oh, I said four Liana is the closest the really said it three times. No. Yeah. It was it was only in those conversations that she had with that was toria. Julia and Gavin I was gonna say ten, but whatever. Let's play fair because you guys do a close watching 'cause you're doing a podcast. I have like, you know, people over there may or may not be some wine happenings. I wasn't doing closer launch. You should have invited Rainman over Allie. Okay. Your next watch party. Just please invite Rainman to your next watch party. All right, next Boone, I'm near neither handsome nor plane coming up short here..

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